online shopping

At the beginning of this lockdown my colleague Marc Leder and I decided to set up our own drop shipping company using Amazon FBA, and one of the most important things we have been working on is getting new reviews. In fact , as a result of this, and seeing how much those reviews help us, as a consumer I have whole new thought process regarding reviews.

Before purchasing a product or service, it is always a good idea to take a look at various consumer reviews.  There are a lot of different forms of reviews available to you and they will give you a great insight into the product or service you are interested in. 

Making an Informed Decision

We live in an age where we have access to so many different varieties of similar products or services.  Sometimes when you are looking into a purchase it is hard to determine what product will be right for you.  Reading reviews is the best way to make an informed decision on whatever you are interested in.  Consumer reviews are extremely informative and give an honest opinion of someone who has actually used the product or service.

What You Should Take Away From the Review

There are many things you should take away from a good consumer review.  You should take away valuable opinions based in the product or service.  This will make it a lot easier for you to do your shopping online, or in a store.  Whilst reviews will give you a lot of information on the product, you will also receive important information on how reliable the business is.  They tend to include information on shipping times/schedules, the company’s after purchase customer care and their refund processes.  By reading all of this information you will get the worst and best case scenario of what to expect when using that particular company.  This will help you choose a product or service based on the review of the actual business and not just the product quality.

Reviews Can Be Entertaining

Reviews aren’t only informative, but sometimes they can be a really entertaining read.  It isn’t rare consumer reviews go viral for people’s witty feedback.  Whether it is consumers jokingly slating a bad experience they have had with a particular company/product or an insight to the experience they had whilst using them.

Return the Favour

Once you have used the reviews to help you with your purchase, it is really important that you share your experience.  Reviews work so well because they are constantly put out online.  No matter what you are buying you should return the favour after your purchase.  Tell people what you think of the product and if it meets your needs.  If it is good, let people know and if it is bad do the same.  People may benefit from your experience as you have with other reviews.

Enjoy Your Product

Hopefully after reading reviews, you have made the best purchase available to you.  Remember there will be occasions where you may experience something different, reviews are valuable and will help you, but there will always be different circumstances.  By doing your research there is a higher chance of having a good experience and hopefully this will allow you to enjoy your new product.