If you are considering partially converting your loft space to use for storage or as a permanent room, perhaps a study space, or a play area for your old children, it makes sense to install permanent ladders which are more convenient and safer than ladders which pull down and are put back up every time they are used.  Selecting wooden loft ladders can also add to the style of your home in keeping with the current looks.

Why Choose Wooden Loft Ladders?

Your loft space can look like a permanent feature of your home if you install beautiful looking ladders in fitting with the look of your home and also provide the safety features required to make access safer and easier for anyone using them.  Wooden loft ladders can be made to measure so they fit perfectly within the space you have, with the correct footprint so they don’t infringe on the room below.  Hand rails can be added and larger top and bottom steps for safety features too.

Hardwood ladders should last a life time and will age beautifully if keep in their natural state, or can be finished with oils, waxes, paint or varnish to fit in with the other woodwork in your home. 

Alternatives to Wooden Loft Ladders

There are other alternatives to wooden loft ladders as well.  You may want aluminum or aluminum alloy ladders if your loft has a more industrial feel, perhaps it is in converted warehouse space.  Aluminum ladders can be spray finished in paints including metallic, gloss and hammer finishes which can look very effective.  Another alternative is fiberglass ladders which are very lightweight, strong and can be finished in many ways to look like wood, metal or with plain matt or gloss paint finishes.

Depending on your choice different fittings can be added.  Think of the ladders used in libraries or wine cellars which are wide wooden steps with brass or alloy finishes, these can be beautiful pieces of furniture which can not only compliment but add to the look of a room in keeping with the whole house.

Wooden Loft Ladder Finishes

You probably want to choose a ladder finish which matches with your other wood work so that might mean choosing a hardwood of the same tone or shade such as Mahogany, Cedar, or Oak.  Plainer hard woods can also be oiled, stained, waxed or varnished to complete the finish to match with other woodwork in the room.  There is no reason why your ladders can’t look like they’ve always been there, designed with the house for the house with your other décor.

So choosing a bespoke wooden ladder for your home or retail space can be an enjoyable experience, you shouldn’t be limited by sizes or styles as a good ladder company will make your ladder to order, measured and finished as you wish it to be.  Your new ladder will be a highlight of the room and your friends will often ask where you got it from and how you managed to pick one that matched so well.