My business is a small operation which works within the fintech market and we had wanted a PR company on board from the very beginning . Unfortunately, as these things go, we just couldn’t afford such a service during the early years of the business, despite how much success we knew it would bring. A PR company in our industry is essential to growth, and finally last year we were able to start looking to recruit one, we met with many public relations companies and eventually decided to work with the team at Interdependence PR, a decision which myself and my partners believe to be the best that we have made during our 5 years in business, and this is why we chose them.

Speaking the Right Language

Almost every public relations firm that we met with felt that they knew our marketplace and how to speak to it, once we got into it however it turned out that they really didn’t, and that they simply felt their default approach could work in any environment. Language is key in public relations and you can’t deliver a message to the tourist industry in the same way that you need to in the tech industry, and visa versa. This was something that the team at Interdependence got right away and although they’d not worked with a fintech company before, they had done their research and knew how to deliver.


If you have ever had a meeting with a PR company you’ll probably have recognized that very few of them like to get into the details around exactly what they are going to do. they will speak generally about delivering results and try to throw you off with some bluster or some industry speak, but few of them are transparent. Interdependence on the other hand were more than happy to get right into the specifics of what they were going to do, where the money would be spent and even a timeline of how and what they wanted to achieve.


We were really looking for a public relations company which came at us with creative ideas around what they could do for us, something which we as a business really lack. In that first meeting with this company they presented a huge array of ideas for us which they thought could help us achieve their goals, and they brought them forward with the type of fervor and passion which we couldn’t resist. So many companies gave us the ‘trust in what we do’ attitude, when all we were looking for was some exciting ideas and most importantly, some passion.


What finally influenced to use Interdependence PR was that they treated us with the type of customer service which we were expecting from every PR firm we met with. We didn’t get that level of service with other firms, perhaps because they thought that we needed them more than they needed us, nonetheless this turned out to be the real deal maker, and given how our first year with the firm has gone, I’d say we made a very good decision.