What to Look for When Trying to Find Top Rated Plastic Surgeons in Chicago

Plastic surgery is getting more and more popular every year, with around 18 million surgical procedures being done in the United States annually. Now it is not only women that are having plastic surgery done, but men are also contributing to the rise of plastic surgery procedures.

Here are a few procedures, things about plastic surgery and what to look for when trying to find top rated plastic surgeons in Chicago.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that takes fat from specific parts of the body to show a slimmer silhouette. There are multiple types of liposuction that can be performed such as, tumescent liposuction (which is the most popular kind), ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, laser liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, air-assisted liposuction as well as suction-assisted liposuction.  

Breast Enlargement

The surgical enlargement of women’s breasts has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures with over 300,000 procedures taking place every year in the United States of America. 

This surgery is done for a lot of reasons such as, to enlarge both of the breasts, to replace a breast that is absent as well as making an asymmetrical breast equal in size to the other. 


Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure which reshapes the eyelids. This can be done for cosmetic reasons as well as helping to improve a patient’s vision. 

Too much skin or sagging skin on and around the eyelids can cause vision problems and contributes to the appearance of aging.

The lower eyelids with chronic puffiness or wrinkling are often reduced during the procedure to help make the patient appear more youthful. Fat pads under the eyes causing the appearance of “bags” are removed as necessary in the lower eyelid procedure.


Commonly know as a tummy tuck or a lower body lift, abdominoplasty removes excess skin around the abdomen and tightens the skin that remains around. This surgery is often performed on people who have excess skin after being pregnant as well as after losing massive amounts of weight.

The ideal candidate does not have excess fat in the abdominal area but too much skin hanging from the abdomen after losing a lot of fat. Most people are back to normal activities within a few weeks.