Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a superyacht? If you’ve ever attended a yacht party, you have a general idea of what it’s like to enjoy a yacht. However, owning a yacht is much different than enjoying the atmosphere as a guest and going home at the end of the day. While yachts can make you feel amazing, they are also a huge responsibility.

Owning a superyacht can make you feel like a celebrity

Many of the world’s celebrities sail around the world on million-and-billion-dollar superyachts for fun. Celebrities with money to burn tend to charter, buy, and sell yachts frequently. For instance, in 2016, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling purchased the Vajoliroja (formerly owned by Johnny Depp) for £22 million. 

Like most celebrity yachts, The Vajoliroja is luxurious from top-to-bottom with five cabins for guests, five cabins for the crew, Bohemian-style saloons, several entertainment areas, and plenty of toys. 

Recently, this 156-foot yacht was renamed Arriva and is up for sale once again.

Another extravagant celebrity-owned vessel is Regina d’Italia – a 51-meter custom-built Italian luxury yacht owned by fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana. Their yacht has four guest cabins named after exotic animals, a bathroom with gold fixtures studded with sapphires and rubies, gold-plated doorknobs shaped like outstretched hands, and gold veined marble floors.

Some celebrities charter their yachts when they’re not in use. Other celebrities charter the same yachts available to anyone for charter.

If you want to charter your yacht while not in use, you could generate somewhere between $75-$100,000 per day.

Owning a superyacht makes life feel luxurious 

Being a guest on a yacht can make you feel important and luxurious for a few hours, but owning a superyacht can make you feel like you’re living a life of luxury 24/7. 

Rather than simply being a guest on a yacht, owning one means you get to set sail any time you wish. You also get to be the one hosting luxurious parties and events. That puts you in a position of creating a luxurious experience for everyone else. That’s a great feeling.

As long as you love to entertain, organize, and take care of guests, you’ll enjoy hosting luxury events on your yacht.

Owning a superyacht can make you feel abundant

Owning a yacht will make you feel materially abundant, especially when your interior is designed to look like a luxurious home. Many superyachts have interior designs that look identical to what you’d expect to find in a million-dollar mansion. Nothing says abundance more than luxury decor and furnishings.

Owning a superyacht also feels like a big responsibility

In addition to the feeling of luxury, owning a superyacht is also a big responsibility. Yacht owners don’t usually get to spend as much time enjoying their boat as their guests. When you’re not hosting an event or taking a vacation, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities to handle.

For instance, you have to maintain the boat’s safety and cleanliness. This requires staying on top of insurance payments, necessary repairs, and having a crew available to keep the decks clean. You’ll also need to hire scuba divers to scrape barnacles off and another crew to empty the sewage. Owning a yacht requires regular maintenance and inspections that can’t be skipped.

Owning a superyacht can feel like a drain on your finances

The upside of feeling luxurious is the ability to spend money. The downside of spending money is that money has to leave your bank account.

Even when you only sail a few times per year, owning a yacht creates year-round expenses. When your superyacht isn’t in use, you’ll need to pay docking fees and you’ll still need to pay your crew a yearly salary. Your crew will be needed even when you’re not sailing. You won’t need your captain when you’re not sailing, but they’ll still require an annual salary to be available whenever they’re needed. 

If you’ve got the money, a luxury yacht is worth the expense

When you have millions to burn, paying year-round fees for the privilege of owning a luxury yacht is no big deal. In fact, being able to pay those fees might be an inconvenience, but the ability to afford those year-round fees means you’re living a life of luxury.