The benefits are numerous, but the most important are that studying and taking liberal arts courses at a college like San Francisco Bay University puts you in touch with yourself. You’ll be exposed to many disciplines that broaden your mind. It’s important to go to college and be exposed to liberal arts courses because it will help you develop a more well-rounded education. The professional world is competitive, and you’ve got to stand out from the crowd. Studying liberal arts subjects makes it easier for students to connect with others, build strong relationships and perform well in the workplace.

The reason why many professions require more than just technical knowledge of the field is because there are two components that may affect success in life: technical knowledge and wisdom. Technical knowledge is the ability to get results; wisdom is the ability to use them for good.

The best way to acquire wisdom is by exploring many different fields of study because you will discover that every field has a philosophical component and a spiritual component that can be used in other areas. For example, if you want to work in business, philosophy courses may help you to understand the different approaches a business can take with respect to its operations and interactions with the community. If you want to be a lawyer, take literature and writing courses that can help improve your writing and advocacy.

The following are eight benefits to studying liberal arts in college:

• Liberal arts can help you become a more well-rounded student and individual.  College is all about getting exposure to many disciplines that can open up your horizons and your understanding of those around you.  While technical knowledge can be very helpful in your job, having exposure to other disciplines will let you see the world from more perspectives.

• Liberal arts can make you more creative. Once you have a good command of painting, literature, theater, or music, it becomes easier to be creative in other facets of your life, and that creativity may positively influence your work in business or any other professional field.

• Liberal arts can make you a better speaker and writer. Studying history, philosophy, writing, and literature will give you the tools to communicate more clearly and with more substance.

• You’ll be able to navigate cultural differences better. By learning about different countries and cultures through studying art, music, or literature from those places, it becomes easier to understand them as people.

• You’ll be better at working with people. Humanities courses teach students to see life through the eyes of other people, which makes them better communicators and negotiators.

• You will become more empathetic. Focusing on the themes that connect humans across time – love, loss, betrayal – helps you relate to others in business or other social settings.

• You’ll be able to think outside the box. Many liberal arts courses require students to approach problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, which makes it easier for them to come up with innovative solutions when faced with a challenge.