If you have recently moved home, either to a new town or city or even to a new country, then you will know that the first few months can be pretty difficult. It isn’t easy to meet people and to create your life elsewhere, and it was something which I really struggled with last year when my family moved cities. I was very fortunate to have a great neighbor in V Reddy Kancharla, who welcomed my family and I with open arms. Reddy was kind enough to introduce my to his friends and to give me the scoop on our new neighborhood, and I will be forever grateful for that. If you don’t have someone like Reddy to help you out, here is how to integrate into your new community.

Learning The Hood

The key here is stability and to find that you should first locate all of the main amenities and services that you are going to be using each week. Work out where the bank is, the super market, the doctor’s surgery, hospital, gym, library and community center if there is one. We are creatures of habit after all and the first step is to start getting into the habits that you are used to.

Getting Out There

It may be unfamiliar to you but if you wish to make your new place home then you have to get out and about and you should try to introduce yourself to as many people as you can. In doing this you will find that you meet some important people in the community who may in turn be able to introduce you to other people. It is essential that you begin to build up a network of friends in the community, both for your own happiness and to give you a support network.

Joining Clubs

Joining clubs and community projects in your new neighborhood is also a great way to meet people and to integrate yourself into your new community. This could be a sports club or even something like the Lions or Round Table, anything that is taking place in your community which could help you to connect with people. Not only is this a way that you can meet neighbors and important figures in the community, but you will also feel like you are contributing to your new place.


If you have kids then this is going to give you one of the best opportunities to meet new people and you should do all that you can to get involved with any school projects which call for the support of the parents. This is going to help you and your kids to get settled into your new community and most importantly it contributes towards creating a support network, as parents often come together to help one another.

The main point here is to get yourself out there, once you feel comfortable with your surroundings, aim to meet and speak to as many people as you can. Reddy was such a great help to us, and you may very well find yourself someone like him if you are confident enough to start chatting with people.