Have you ever wondered which celebrities were the most offensive? A new celebrity apology index shows which celebrities have apologized the most and for what reasons they had to apologize.

All of the information below was produced by the data team at Casino Hex, the top celebrity and apology website.

Snoop Dogg

The Long Beach native and one of the most famous rappers of the last 3 decades is no stranger to controversy. Snoop Dogg released his first album in 1993 which shot him to fame and saw his debut album win many accolades.

The rapper is also known to speak his mind, often without a train of thought behind his bold statements. He has made 4 public apologies. 3 apologies were for various insults he made to other celebrities and 1 was for insensitive statements about mental health.

Kevin Hart

The famous stand-up comedian, actor, and producer is one of the most offensive celebrities of our generation. What he mostly says for comic relief has found him in hot water on an array of issues.

Kevin Hart was put under the microscope after old tweets from the comedian’s account had many insensitive ‘jokes’ about the LGBTQ+ community. After which, Kevin Hart made 4 public apologies to the LGBTQ+ community. It also saw him lose a movie he was starring in. He made another public after his wife caught him cheating and made the information public.

Chris Brown

The child wonder of RnB rose to stardom at a very young age in 2005 with his first album. Hit songs of his were played on the radio around the world and in a few months, he was a household name.

In February 2009 Chris Brown had fallen from grace when video footage had surfaced of him attacking his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. The attack was so brutal it saw Rihanna hospitalized and a photo of her vast injuries circled the web and newspapers. He was soon arrested for domestic assault. This incident alone saw him making one public apology but later made more apologies for other reasons. Four for LGBTQ+ comments, 1 for mental health insensitivity, and 2 for insults.

Justin Bieber

Another child star makes the top of the list for celebrity apologies. Justin Bieber, who shot up to fame before becoming a teenager, has many high-grossing albums and singles. He is also the only artist to have 7 chart-topping singles from one album.

Justin Bieber landed up in hot water very early on for racial slurs and insensitivity. A private video he recorded was leaked online where he took one of his early songs and changed the lyrics to line up with white supremacy and he used the N-word multiple times. He made 4 different apologies for the racial insensitivity.

Justin Bieber was also made to apologize to his fans after he was arrested for a DUI in 2014. The young singer was stopped by police in Miami and was taken into custody for suspicion. He also has made two apologies for calling out other celebrities for no good reason.