Top Entrepreneurs 2018

There are a number of entrepreneurs making their way to the top on 2018. Each year entrepreneurs stand out given to their passion and drive towards their business, and are able to do it successfully. The to-watch-list for 2018 consists of a number of entrepreneurs that are making an impact in the media world, health innovations, fashion, but also demonstrate charisma in their business.

The guideline for the top entrepreneurs for 2018 must have a distinctive quality, not only to stand out in business but also to show charisma in order for people to follow him or her and consider them as role models. Here is a list of the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2018.

  1. Ekta Sahasi

She is the vice president of the U.S. Business Innovation Center (BIC) for Konica Minolta. Here her team looks out for new investment opportunities in disruptive technology that can help with the company’s growth over others. She is in the to-watch entrepreneurs list, given that her business is standing out from the rest. In addition, she helps small companies to understand how the Asian markets work, and how to be able to access them.

  1. Zak Westphal

He is the founder and CEO of Stocks To Trade, while being behind the fastest-growing digital products on the market. He’s involvement in tech companies as well as in marketing agencies has lead him to produce $120 million in revenue in online publishing. His fast success is being admired worldwide, and he has even been invited to speak at places like Harvard University.

  1. Laura Vaughan

Laura Vaughan is in the to watch list for 2018 given that at only 21 years old she is the founder of the company Acorn Biolabs. The company provides genetic analysis which allows a person to be in full control over their health. In addition, the company preserves your cells for future use regarding therapy treatments and regenerative medicine. Her company has been developing since 2015 but in 2018 is expected to launch.

  1. Matt Gira

Another young entrepreneur, given that at only 23 years old he created the company Fathom next to Danny Vessells and John Boss. Their purpose for this product was to facilitate underwater exploration by the creation of n affordable underwater drone. This fall it just started receiving pre-orders of more than $170,000, and will officially launch in 2018. Forbes has already put them in to watch list, for the top entrepreneurs in 2018.

  1. Shradha Agarwal

She started the company Context Media with the intention to help people with chronic diseases in managing their health. Currently her outreach has stretched to over more than 6 million patients a month, and her amazing work is being recognized even by the White House.