They say death is natural and inevitable, but the pain of saying goodbye forever can be unbearable. It will hurt more if death is caused by another person’s mistakes, either willingly or from negligence.

When wrongful death happens, the party at fault should compensate the deceased’s family for the emotional pain and financial distress they are put through. No amount of money can replace a life, but it enables the family to better deal with funeral bills and other expenses.

Putting up a wrongful death claim is not easy. You will need to work with wrongful death attorneys because they understand the complexity around such cases and will help you get the compensation you deserve. 

What Are the Common Causes of Wrongful Deaths?

1. Road Accidents

Road accidents claim a lot of innocent lives yearly. It is among the highest causes of wrongful deaths globally. If road users could adhere to traffic rules and regulations better, maybe road accident deaths could be reduced. Road accidents can include any of the following:

Car Accidents

Car crashes and collisions due to distracted drivers, drunk drivers, bad roads, and defective cars claim many lives. Other times pedestrians and cyclists on the pavement are hit by vehicles that have lost control.

Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are catastrophic when they hit small cars, cyclists, riders, and pedestrians. After a truck accident, wrongful death claim responsibility could be pinned to the tired driver, trucking company, truck owner, or the loaders.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riders are faced with massive danger on the road. Most drivers claim that they hit them because they could not see them. Drivers are called to watch out for riders while riders are urged to make themselves visible.

Pedestrians and Cyclists Accidents

Adults and children are hit and killed instantly while crossing the road by speeding vehicles. Cyclists, too, have been hit and left for dead by reckless drivers. Such wrongful deaths can be filed against the careless driver or manufacturing company.

2. Medical Malpractice

Mistakes and negligence of medical professionals lead to the death of patients even when they meant well. When this happens, the professional is sued for wrongful death. 

Common causes of wrongful death in the medical field include misdiagnoses, wrong prescriptions, birth injuries, surgical errors, nursing home abuse, defective medical tools, anesthesia errors, and emergency room errors.

Wrongful deaths from medical malpractice are difficult to prosecute. To win the claim, you must prove that the professional was negligent for the injury and death to occur. To maneuver such a case, you need the help of an experienced wrongful death lawyer.

3. Work-Related Accidents

Employers must provide a safe working environment for their employees. If a death happens from work accidents that could be prevented, the employer faces a wrongful death claim.

Manufacturing plants, construction sites, and mining locations are widely known for wrongful deaths. 

The major causes of wrongful deaths at a workplace include slip and fall accidents, improper training, faulty machines and equipment, fire explosions, electrocution, unsafe work environment, and exposure to harmful chemicals.

Hire the Best Wrongful Death Attorney

Different things can cause wrongful deaths, and it could happen to anyone. Regardless of the cause, wrongful death attorneys should handle the case professionally to avoid causing the surviving family more pain. In addition to the money paid, wrongful death lawsuits provide the family with closure essential for recovery.