Airplane passanger

Between coordinating meetings, conference calls, and tasks, all while handling flights, layovers, and the spontaneity that accompanies most travel in general—road warriors have a lot on their plates. Add health and wellness to the picture, and a weekly reality of hotels, rental car agencies, public transportation technicalities, and plenty of deal-closing can easily feel overwhelming. 

But it doesn’t have to be. 

Eating healthy while traveling for business is wholly possible, and thanks to the plethora of meditation apps, hotel wellness packages, airport nap lounges, and more, maintaining your health—physically, mentally, and spiritually—is easier than ever. 

Ultimately, eating healthy—wherever you are—comes down to personal habits and choices. Skipping the breadbasket. Opting out of yet another corporate happy hour (or stopping after one glass). Setting sleep goals and drinking plenty of water. Remember, working smarter isn’t an isolated situation. Valuing your mind and body, and ensuring you get your veggies (or some extra zzzs), can make or break your road-warrior routine. Read on for our tried-and-tested tips for working—and feeling—at your best:

1. Prep ahead of time.

Aiming for an afternoon flight departure? Set some time aside before you hail your Uber and prep some snacks for your travels. Baked veggies, fresh fruit, hummus—there are plenty of healthy treats you can bring and reach for over those in-flight cookies. Note: You shouldn’t have any issues taking food through security on departure (no customs involvement) but be aware that you may need to eat it or dispose of it before you arrive at your destination, as customs regulations in some countries can be very strict.

2. Bring your own water bottle.

Hydration is key, and traveling for business is no exception. For a convenient, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly means of staying refreshed, bring your own travel water bottle. Sure, it’ll have to be empty for airport security, but airports often offer free, filtered, water fountain stations that you can easily fill-up at. 

3. Skip the sweets.

Business travel can be stressful. But before you reach for that candy bar to calm your nerves, consider skipping the sugar altogether. It’s no secret that a sugar rush only leads to a major crash. Pull out those pre-prepped alternatives and give your body, and your nervous system, a much-needed break. 

4. Make a routine. (And stick to it!)

Traveling for work can often seem like the opposite of order! While business travel is certainly a shift from your usual homelife, maintaining a schedule of regular meals (and exercise) is absolutely possible. Make it a priority to iron out a timeframe that works for you. Your metabolism will thank you!

5. Opt out of alcohol. 

Between happy hours, corporate dinners, and conference meet-n-greets, alcohol can seem like a major component of business travel. By all means, treat yourself to the occasional outing. After all, the people you work with day in and day out are often the backbone of a fulfilling career. However, if you’re not feeling the booze, that’s great, too. Order low-alcohol alternatives, or sparkling water, and be sure to hydrate in between rounds. 

Whether you travel once per quarter, or you’re always on the road, tending to your mind and body doesn’t need to be complicated. While the above tips are a great starting point, spend some time conceptualizing what ‘healthy’ means to you, and set your own goals accordingly. Traveling for work and valuing your health and wellness is not an either/or situation! Rather, you have the power to choose the work-life balance that works best for you.

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