In today’s world, it is all too common for employers to struggle with retaining employees. It can often feel like the demand is far higher for employees than it is for employers. The reality is that staff are realizing their worth. They are the fuel that powers their employers and they are no longer happy to be overlooked, underappreciated and undervalued. This has caused change and rift in the job market, where staff can say what they want and deserve from their employers. If you want to attract and retain employees, here are a few game-changing tips you need to try.

Support Their Financial Future

Salaries are not the only financial support that people are searching for anymore. Employees want to know that their employer is interested in helping them build a strong financial future so that they can feel comfortable as time goes on. Everything from financial education on how to open an IRA to financial planning to retirement support goes a long way in the job market. If you want to stand out as an employer worth working for, you need to consider how you are contributing to your team’s long-term financial future.

Offer Comprehensive Benefits

While the financial aspect of a job is important, it is not the only benefit assessed when evaluating employers. Benefits packages are no longer limited to time off and health-related perks. Employees are searching for comprehensive benefits packages, perks and extensive leave policies. They want to know that their employer is willing to invest in them as much as they are willing to invest in the company. While an infrequent free lunch used to cut it as a positive perk at work, that’s no longer cutting it.

Promote a Positive, Healthy Culture

Just as the workplace has shifted to offering more comprehensive benefits, there has also been a stark shift away from what is considered acceptable in workplaces. The days of toxic behaviors and unhealthy expectations are long gone. This kind of toxicity is no longer considered a reasonable expectation, and rather, employees are looking for positive company cultures. One of the main contributing factors to employee retention is toxicity in the workplace, so if you want to attract and retain great talent, you need to invest in creating a better culture at work for all.

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Another aspect of a workplace culture that is having a vast impact on employee retention is work-life balance. Staff members are realizing the unhealthy balance between work and home life, and yearning for more. Not everyone wants to spend all of their hours awake chained to the workplace, and instead, many employees are searching for a better balance. While no job can offer a completely balanced workplace, the policies and behaviors that contribute to a better balance are key to retaining your staff. If you are suffering from retention issues, take a look at your staff’s balance between their work and home lives.

Invest in Good Managers

The idea that many employees leave their bosses and not companies continues to ring true today. While an employee may have challenges at work, their boss is the person they interact with at the highest frequency. With an impact on the way work is distributed, feedback is communicated and an influence in all other aspects of the employee’s life, a manager can truly make or break a job experience. If you want to better your workplace and improve your retention, invest in good managers, promote them and their teams and manage the behavior of bad managers. Instead of letting a few bad eggs ruin the whole company, take time to positively reinforce good behavior and reduce the bad.

When it comes to improving workplaces and keeping your people employed, you need to take a comprehensive and holistic approach to your work. Don’t let your retention issues continue to cost you. The reality is that in the end, it is not just inconvenient, it hurts the bottom line. Instead of letting your issues balloon and inevitably pop, take charge of your employment issues and find a better path forward for everyone.

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