Culture doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the Bohemian chic trend is an example of this with its many cultural influences. Bohemian chic is a fashion style that has helped people express themselves creatively as well as culturally, so you have a lot to work with already if you are interested in changing up your look to something that feels more like “you.” “Boho-chic” offers an interesting take on self-expression, and here is some interesting info to help you figure out how you want to express yourself in this unique style.

Boho Chic Fundamentals

Bohemian chic is all about self-expression through loose and free-flowing clothing. A color palette of warm, earthy reds and cool sky blues is common, but there is no strict guideline on what colors to use. Flowy shirts and dresses are great additions to a Bohemian wardrobe, and girlfriend jeans or even distressed denim will fit in with any Bohemian outfit. Indeed, if you are happy with your Bohemian closet then you should be able to mix and match your clothing as much as you want. Try to avoid excessively artificial colors, though, as well as garments with highly saturated and vibrant colors. If you feel like your clothing is too restrictive, you will find that making it more comfortable to move around in is a perfectly viable way to improve your Bohemian wardrobe.

Why Boho Chic?

Fashion, especially Bohemian fashion, is often used as a way to express your personal ideology as much as it is a way to have a great-looking wardrobe; it would not all be out of place to include a quality cbd hemp flower joint in your day if that is what you feel liberates you, and Boho chic embraces that. If you enjoy comfortable clothing and appreciate a history of counterculture, you might find Boho chic a compelling fashion style. There is something to be said about its recent rise in popularity since many people might not consider a counterculture that has risen to popularity to be a “true” counterculture, but if you find that you are having fun living a Boho chic lifestyle then you are perfectly free to do so.

History of Boho Chic

The word “bohemian” refers to something that is unconventional, especially in an artistic sense. The roots of the culture actually date back to the end of the French Revolution, a time when many people in France had little money to work with and had little in the way of fashionable clothing to work with. Once the economy stabilized a bit, many impoverished artists decided to consider their clothing, and themselves by extension, art. The word “bohemian” wasn’t always inoffensively used as it was used to compare such artists to the French Romani population, but given that this art style with humble origins led to the major Aesthetic Movement it seems to have shed its negative connotations entirely. The hippies in the 1960s found this movement to naturally suit many of their tastes as it was a counterculture that stood against materialism and conventional dress, but by no means is it a fashion that is unique to that particular movement.

Bohemian chic has touched the lives of many people around the world in important ways, and being able to take part in this culture, if it appeals to you, is a true privilege. The French are well known for their deep sense of art appreciation, and it shows even in the French fashion of centuries past. Fashion is something that many people can share and enjoy, and with Boho chic, everyone can contribute their individual tastes in a meaningful way.