Many people aspire to be good singers, but few realize what it takes to make that happen. There is one thing that is vital to being a good singer that may not be as necessary for other instruments.  Before I reveal the secret to becoming a great singer, I would like to review a few key points that one needs to consider if they want to become great. 

Anyone can learn to sing

You should understand that any healthy person can learn to sing. There is really no such thing as being tone deaf. While some people will sound better than others, and some may be able to sing higher or lower notes, everyone can achieve a certain level of proficiency. Of course, the amount of work and dedication will vary, as some are gifted with natural talent and ability. But if you truly want to improve your singing than you can certainly do so. 

Learn the fundamentals

Every vocalist should learn the fundamentals of how the voice works, how to control it and how to protect it from injury. This is the foundation of being a good singer. Some of these skills and techniques may come naturally for some people. However, everyone has things to learn and they should get training from a professional. This can be lessons in a studio or online voice lessons. Either way, this instruction will make sure that you are not only singing with the proper technique, it will help prevent injury to your voice. In addition, you can learn or improve skills that do not come naturally as well as improve your range. 

Hard work is important

It is vital that every singer work hard. While some professionals make it look easy, the fact is that they have probably spent countless hours practicing, performing and honing their craft. Many people start studying voice as young children and take singing lessons for many years. In addition, famous singers usually perform with bands or as solo artists before making it big. So, practicing on your own, taking lessons, singing in public and studying an instrument will all help you achieve your goals as a vocalist

So now that we have discussed some of the things you need to do to become a good singer, you probably are very anxious to find out what the one big secret is. The one thing ever good singer has is confidence! If you really want to sing well and perform vocally in front of people or even in a recording studio you must believe that you can do it. Lack of confidence results in lack of control of breathing, the tongue and mouth, and ultimately the voice itself. You simply will not sound your best if you are not in complete control of all the body parts and muscles that are involved in singing. This includes the brain, which is making all of those parts work together.

How do you develop confidence to sing in public? That task can be different for every person. For most, it involves learning the fundamentals, taking lessons, practicing until they have mastered their voice, and getting up the nerve to sing in front of people. Once you begin to have some success and get positive feedback, it becomes easier to sing and feel confident in your abilities.