music Festival

You already got your tickets to the hottest music festivals of 2020. Whether you’re headed to Lollapalooza to see the Strokes and Ariana Grande in Chicago or to dance all night at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, it’s time to plan your ultimate wardrobe for all your summer camping, glamping and rocking adventures.

Do dress with flare

Retro 70s flared jeans are poised to be one of the biggest festival trends of 2020, recalling the wide-legged pants fever that swept the early 90s. These pants are comfortable and keep your skin shielded from the sun. Denim is always a do, but you can also opt for a lightweight, natural fiber. We love this look in a crochet or lacy pattern that adds texture.

Don’t forget the barrettes

Pearl and otherwise-adorned barrettes and hair accessories have been popping up on Insta and on runways for a while now. Stay cool and look on point by clipping your bangs out of your eyes with one of these babies. You’ll want to have your hair out of your face to feel fresh from morning until night.

Do wear layers

Even in the dog days of summer, weather can change in an instant. Be prepared for it all by wearing layers so you can easily remain comfortable. Throw on a lightweight jacket when the clouds pass overhead, but have a chic cami at the ready if the sun is blazing down. Breathable fabrics will keep it movable and shield you from sweat. Keep an extra layer in your tent; it might get colder at night than you expect, even in cities like Austin with hot climates.

Don’t mistreat your feet

From the moment you arrive on the festival grounds, you’ll be walking, dancing and standing for hours. Keep your feet cushioned and dry with shoes that look cute but offer support. Womens retro sneakers are an iconic yet comfortable favorite that will go with just about any outfit. Show off your personality with chunky vintage 90s styles and bright crayon colors.

Do carry a hands-free bag

Keep your lip gloss, phone and valuables close at hand with a chic and practical crossbody style. Like all things 90s, the baguette bag is back in action this festival season. This cute companion is the perfect size for everything you don’t want to leave behind in your tent. Forget the large tote, the heavy backpack and anything else that will weigh you down as you explore and cavort. Some festivals even have regulations about the size of your bag, so check the guidelines before you shop.

Don’t lose your sense of self

Resist the urge to give your regular wardrobe a complete makeover before festival season. You won’t feel like your best self in clothes that just aren’t right. Instead, amp up your favorite styles and silhouettes with over-the-top accoutrements. For example, body glitter and gems along with a wide-brimmed hat can make your favorite sundress look new again. Throw on those vintage Luchesse cowboy boots for a statement that’s all you.

Start browsing discount shoes online and map out your schedule so you don’t miss the performances on your A-list. No matter what you wear, you’ll have an unforgettable experience this festival season.