difference between a farm, a ranch

If you’re in the market for a new property investment maybe you have considered purchasing a larger plot of land. Or maybe not since there is a common misconception that farm owners don overalls, wear straw hats and spit tobacco into a bucket. Believe it or not this is not always the case.

More “normal” city folk are investing in farmland than ever before since it is actually one of the smartest investments you can make. Once you start doing research on it however you’ll realize that purchasing land is no easy feat. You’ll see different types of land available for purchase like ranches, farms, and even something called a luxury ranch for sale. So what does this all mean?

How does a farm differ from a ranch?

First of all let’s cover what a farm is. According to Land.com, a farm is “a large plot of land that primarily focuses on producing agriculture. There are many different types of farms, such as dairy farms and crop farms. Farms can produce a variety of things, from food and fuel to raw materials like cotton…”

In relation to a ranch a farm is usually smaller but a farmer works just as hard as a rancher in maintaining the property. A farmer’s time is spent tending to the fields planting, watering, and collecting crops. A rancher’s role is a bit different than a farmer’s.

According to the same source, ranches are a specific type of farm that “carry cattle or sheep, and their primary focus is optimal care of the animals…Ranches work best when ranchers are intentional about soil management and rain collection, as these two things will produce the best grass for their grazing livestock.”

Neither one – a ranch or farm – is considered to be a passive investment. It takes a tremendous amount of work to run a ranch or farm and often you have to hire a team to do so. Tons of time, money, and personal investment is spent on running a successful ranch or farm property.

What does the term “luxury ranch” mean?

The two words “luxury” and “ranch” might not seem like they fit together all that well. But trust us when we say that there is such a thing as a luxury ranch. Here is Land.com’s take on why luxury ranches are becoming a thing:

“Off-grid ranches are upping their game when it comes to luxury, comfort and conveniences. Spacious ranches tucked away from the lights and sounds of the big city are becoming a more

popular investment, as modern technology is taking “roughing” it to a more glamorous level…”

There is even something called a “luxury ranch resort” where honeymooners, families, and solo travellers are going to enjoy the comforts and luxuriousness of these peaceful properties. Whether you own a luxury ranch, are hoping to, or you plan on vacationing to one in the near future you’ll see exactly why the word “luxury” is used to describe it.