Ah the 80’s, a time of big hair, radical social change and… Rubik’s cubes? For each embarrassing trend that came from this gaudy time, we were left with something enduring and memorable. The ’80s was a time of action movies, ray bans, and bold colors,. There is something so endearing about the 80’s that we are still trying to relive it in 2019

Today’s fashion is more muted, with blacks and greys dominating the landscape. This subdued fashion sense continues indoors, with furniture sticking to the boring basics. In a sea of black leather couches and aluminum, how do you stand out? Should you conform to the austere color palette of the times? Or should you break free and channel the jubilant excess of the 1980s? 

Jubilant excess, obviously!

Bringing some 80’s excess into your lounge room can be as easy as adding a statement piece. A statement piece could be anything from a lounge to a framed painting, something funky and ‘out there’ that just screams 1985. 

For some inspiration, check out this Avleen corner chaise lounge for a perfect example of a bold, eye-grabbing centerpiece that evokes 80’s opulence with its jewel blue velvet upholstery. Unlike the era we are trying to emulate, it’s best not to go over the top. Remember, we are trying to bring a little 80’s magic to our space, not create a themed restaurant.

Woah, look at all the colors.

Adding a centerpiece like the Avleen corner chaise lounge Domayne is a quick way to change the vibe. If eye-watering velvet isn’t your thing, try pairing pastels with naked timbers for a modern twist on a popular 80’s trend. Pastels and plywood are a very 80’s combo that can be easily replicated in your home.

Patterns were also immensely popular. Colorful geometric compositions and animal prints like leopard or zebra are classic choices for the 80s connoisseur, for more radical dudes and dudettes; graffiti was seen as edgy and hip. 

There are bold colors, and then there’s neon. Neon is a quintessentially 80’s phenomenon that is making quite the comeback in 2019. Again, don’t go crazy and fill your space with neon colors, use it as a contrast to the room. Try adding a throw cushion in neon for some ‘pop.’

It’s all in the lines.

Yes, bold colors where one of the many calling cards from the 1980s, but they were splashed about seemingly at random. 1980’s graphic design was full of geometric shapes and wild, line-driven compositions. Adding some classic 80’s graphic designs to your lounge room is a great way of referencing the 1980’s without going over the top and dragging your interior back several decades.

Furniture today is built to minimalists tastes, with clean lines and neutral color pallet. To really bring back the big-haired charm, choose a sofa or chaise lounge that shrieks “80’s.” The Avleen corner chaise lounges are finished in a very 1980s blue velvet and wouldn’t look out of place on the set of a Miami Vice episode.

The 1980s holds a special place in our collective hearts. Many cultural phenomena were born from the optimism and excess of this time. Trends that were popular then remain popular some 30 years later. From fashion to music, the ’80s propelled us into the future, even if some of us weren’t ready! If you are looking to bring a little 80’s back into your home, stick to bold colors and “out there” patterns, just don’t go crazy, you will look like you have started a back to the future museum.