With the expansion of the internet, betting on trusted sportsbook & sports betting site has spread worldwide. Nowadays, it is pretty much possible to bet on anything you can think of. So, let’s go over some of the strangest bets available online. 

Apocalypse Now

Numerous bookies provide the possibility of betting on when the world is going to end. Some of the options include a Zombie outbreak at 1/1000, an invasion of aliens at 1/500, a black hole at 1/125 if the curious scientists create one and destroy us all, a robot uprising at 1/80, natural calamity at 1/45 and nuclear war at 1/30. The final favourite with odds at 1/1 is the expansion of Sun. Still, no bookie implies how can a player get their money in case of a successful bet. 

Crazy Sports Betting

There are numerous crazy sports bets available. One player betted that Federer will win at least six more Wimbledon titles after his first one. Another punter places a bet that Xabi Alonso is going to score from his half of the field in season 2005/06. 

The Discovery of Aliens

The extra-terrestrial always has its fan base and so it is the same with betting. The discovery of alien life is a constant debate and is therefore available to punters. 

Royal Family

British people, as well as numerous other worldwide, have an obsession with the Royal Family. This is partially due to the intensive media attention that the Royal Family gets. For example, Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry is pregnant and odds are available on pretty much everything from the name, sex, and other options. The most popular name with odds at 3/1 is Diana and Grace at 8/1. There are also such names as Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad with of course, high odds. 

Celebrity Deaths

Betting on the alien discovery and the end of the world may seem a bit depressing but it is actually fun but there are options to bet on when will some of the elderly known celebrities die. Out of respect for these people, we will not mention their names. 

As you can see, the betting provides a plethora of options and these are just scratching the surface. There are numerous other strange bets available online for bored punters.