Given that we are now ten months into this pandemic it is perfectly understandable that we are all frustrated, and we have all had enough. Sadly however, the virus is not yet as sick of us as we are of it and there are many reasons why we must continue to listen to what the government are telling us and stay locked down at home when and where we are instructed to. There are many in the medical community, people like the brilliant Stephen Stapinski, who have been speaking out recently about the need for all of us to continue to heed the warnings until the coast is clear and we can see more progress with what is going on. Here is why we have to still listen. 

Vaccine, No Vaccine

The announcement of the vaccines from the likes of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca are absolutely fascinating and it just shows what can be achieved if you are prepared to invest more and resources into something which the world needs. Unfortunately whilst we do have a vaccine and we are rolling it out, the world is not yet vaccinated and so we cannot live as though it is. There is light at the end of the tunnel but we are still very much in the tunnel. 

Healthcare Workers

If you thought that you were sick of this that has been going on then just spare a thought for the doctors and nurses who are going into battle every single day. These men and women have easily had the worst possible year and they have watched patient after patient struggle and lose their lives, no matter what they have been able to do for them. If we continue to ignore government advice then we will continue to add pressure onto the healthcare system. 

Rising Cases

It is impossible for us to deny the number of cases that we are seeing, and how they and the stats around deaths have grown heavily in the last couple of months. It was widely anticipated that cases would rise in the winter and that is just what has happened across so many countries. It is time that we gave one final push to stay indoors, to protect the vulnerable in society and to make sure that we are doing all that we can to minimize the impact of the virus until we can get vaccinated and protected. 

Get Back Up and Running 

Ultimately if we continue to ignore advice then we simply are going to end up with a longer road to recovery and the idea of living a normal life will simply appear to be farther and farther away. For at least the next few weeks the best thing that we can all do is to pay attention to what the government advice is, and protect ourselves and our loved ones this Christmas. 

This is the way to ensure that we will get through this.