swimming class

You’re not the first parent to have a concern that you want your child to learn to swim as early as possible so that they’re confident in the water and have swimming ability for their safety.  Not only is swimming a fun and healthy recreation for your child, but it is a life skill that should be developed whether you live by the sea, a lake or rivers. So where can you get safe swimming lessons in Orange County for your children?

Finding Safe Swimming Lessons in Orange County

There are actually a couple of swim schools in the area which specialize in providing swimming lessons for children, and provide classes for babies and their parents, right up through different ages and abilities, to provide the skills and ability required for your child to become proficient at swimming.

Here’s some statistics to consider why having your child learn to swim is important.  Around twenty percent of all drowning deaths are children aged fourteen or younger, and eighty percent of those deaths happen when the children are with their parents, so its not like these children have gone out on their own and got themselves in a stupid situation, they were supposedly in safe conditions but their swimming ability let them down.  Swimming lessons help to reduce a child’s risk of drowning by nearly ninety percent, but unfortunately fifty percent of children have no or very low swimming ability.

Swimming lessons help your child to build strength, agility, and safety awareness to swim easily and confidently in any body of water.  

Swimming Lessons for Babies

It’s a well known fact that babies take to swimming easily if introduced early on as they are used to being immersed in liquid in the womb.  So if you take your baby for lessons when they’re three months to six months, with your assistance they will quickly pick up breathing techniques, confidence in the water, and be able to float, even swim.  The lessons will also teach you as a parent how to help your baby continue to learn in your own time.

There are a few added benefits to taking your baby swimming when they’re very young.  Swimming requires significant energy exertion for your child, that they wouldn’t other have, so they will sleep well that night, and who doesn’t need their baby to have a good night’s sleep!  It is also a lovely way to bond with the baby, particularly for a Father who may not have as much time with the baby, and will relish being involved in teaching them their first sport or activity.

Swimming Lessons for Children

For older children lessons aimed at their age group or swimming ability will help them to learn basic swim strokes, confidence to float, breath under water, dive, retrieve items from the bottom of the pool, help others who can’t swim and do lengths of the pool, learning to turn around under water.  By the time they get to high school they will be one of the bets swimmers in their year group.