Acoustic Guitar

Many of us can often be guilty of not branching out when it comes to listing to music or watching movies in other languages. This is actually something which many other non-English speakers do very well, and they will often watch movies or listen to music which is not in their native tongue. Given that reggaeton is so big right now which is predominantly snag in Spanish, I wanted to share with you some other Spanish speaking musicians to listen to. You may not understand what they are saying, but you will certainly enjoy the music.


The rock scene in Argentina is awesome and we have seen so many great bands through the years. One of my personal favorites is The Babasonicos who play indie style rock which is laced with emotion and some brilliant guitar playing. There are other bands who came out at the same time as this group, such as the awesome Soda Stereo who are also worth checking out.


Before taking over the world with ‘Whenever, Wherever’ Shakira was busy wowing the latin American music scene with her heartfelt lyrics and her awesome vocal prowess. Interestingly if you listen to some of those early Shakira albums you’ll find some really big rock songs and some catchy tunes which you will have in your head all day.

Hector Lavoe

The 1970s saw the arrival of salsa music in New York, which was created by a number of Puerto Rican musicals who took the drums from African and the Caribbean and created this cool music scene.One of the greatest voices to have come from that era was Hector Lavoe or ‘El Cantante’. There was nobody who captured the salsa scene quite like Hector did and his album ‘Depende de Ti’  is a salsa classic which will have you moving and shaking before you know it.

Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is one of the greatest selling Latin American artists of all time and the Mexican has been producing hit records since he was just 9 years old. The voice which Luis Miguel has is simply incredible and you don’t need to understand what he is saying in order to respect just how powerful and impressive those vocals are. Miguel’s music is catchy and and very pop based.

Jose Jose

They call Jose Jose ‘El Principe del Cancion’ or ‘The Prince of the Song’ and he has got some of the most powerful vocals of all time. Hailing from Mexico City, Jose Jose recently passed away which helped to create a new appreciation for both his music and his voice. The man created an enormous catalog of hits and he has one of the most recognizable voices which you are ever likely to hear. This is a man who will have you crying without even knowing what he is talking about, such is the sheer power and emotion which he captures in his voice. My friend Rose Burillo put me on to this guy and I have to say, I am so glad that she did.

Give them a listen and let me know what you think.