Romance in relationships is classic. It’s like a Brontë novel that keeps rewriting itself over and over. If you’re worried that the modern world no longer has room for true romance, think again! With over 70 million readers of romance novels, it’s still very much a part of the global culture.

The ways in which you woo your woman may have changed over time, but the heart of romance is still very much alive and well. She wants you to sweep her off her feet, so here are a few romantic ideas that will make your Lady Love fall for you all over again.

Dazzle Her with Diamonds

For her big engagement moment, she wants you to knock her off of her feet with the romance. You have to find a romantic location and make sure the whole moment is flawless. The cherry on top of the romance cake and the star of the engagement show is the ring.

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Even diamond experts have a difficult time telling the difference. If you get your ring and it doesn’t fit quite right, Agape Diamonds will resize it for free, and there’s also a thirty-day “hassle-free” return policy if something’s not to her liking. Go with the best of the best and buy from Agape Diamonds.

Skip the Appliance and Go for the Whole Kitchen

It’s common knowledge that receiving any kind of appliance from your partner is not exactly romantic. It’s functional, but says nothing about how much you care. Instead, gift her something that she can put appliances in by bankrolling a brand new kitchen. The kitchen is where families spend a lot of time together; she’ll be so excited to have a new design to freshen up her home.

To find local designers to help with your project, just search “kitchen design Denver CO” or whatever city you live in. A company like Kitchen Distributors, which has over sixty years of experience, is a great option because they really listen to their clients’ unique needs so that the final product is a kitchen that expresses their personal desires.

Surprise Her With a Trip

Nothing is more romantic than carving out time for just the two of you. Put away the phones and computers and do something fun. It doesn’t have to be a huge trip; it could be a few nights at a local bed and breakfast or the new hotel that opened up. “Stay-cations” can still be very romantic.

Find a place where she can leave her responsibilities at the door so you can rediscover your relationship. If the place you’re staying offers specials, like a massage or a champagne and strawberries package, splurge a little for her. After a refreshing few days, you’ll feel like you did when you first met.

Recreate Your First Date

The spark was strong once before, maybe you can find it again by recreating your first date. Tell her to dress up, but don’t hint at anything else. Take her back to the restaurant or coffee shop you met at. Preorder the food you ate and maybe something a little extra.

For a little extra flair, try to wear something close to what you wore on that first night. She’ll be so impressed that you remembered and that you took the time to arrange the evening, her heart will flutter.