We all have business people that we look up to and admire. Maybe we respect them because of where they came from and the struggle they went through to reach the top. Perhaps it is because of the amount of determination they always display whenever we see them in public. It might be that alongside their financial and business success they also maintain a love for humanity and community. Or, it may be a combination of all of these reasons that makes us feel that these people are special and admirable.

Whatever the reason we have these warm feelings towards them, we have to realize that what makes them become such enviable people is how they conduct themselves in order to reach and maintain their success. There are specific things that they do that causes their success, and anyone can adopt these strategies if their desire is to create a successful business. Here are some of the core elements that the most successful entrepreneurs adopt.

They create a plan

There’s simply no alternative to creating a thorough and clear plan for your success. Planning allows you to work through all of your big and small ideas before you dedicate any time or other resources to those ideas. Putting your thoughts on paper is a painstaking act that requires you to dig deep into your idea and to ascertain whether it is truly viable.

This process forces you to be honest and insightful and to be able to connect lines, people, and resources within a timeline and then to place these elements into an existing marketplace. The process demands a multi-level, and multi-layered conceptualization of your proposed business.

Many entrepreneurs never make it out of the planning phase because they realize while going through it that their idea is simply not viable. This realization saves time, money, and frustration. Others find serious flaws in their business that they are able to repair during the planning phase.

While others notice greater opportunities if they had not heretofore recognized. So planning is a critical part of the success of any enterprise and the top entrepreneurs always include this as their first step in setting up a business.

They stay focused

When you create your plan it should serve as a road map for you to start in execute your business. If you decide to move forward and launch your company you can expect that no matter how strong your plan is you will be met with many distractions that will try to convince you to disregard your plan. During these times you have to remind yourself that the plan was created based on lots of good research and that it creates a clear road map for success.

In other words you need to stick to it no matter what else is going on around you. Successful entrepreneurs like New York based Richard Blech understand that they will be distractions, moments of confusion and doubt, and lots of hand-wringing. What will create your success however is you’re staying focused on your plan and your goals.

They are always prepared to fight

Any business worth pursuing will also be pursued by others. In other words whatever you plan on doing, will be met with competition. This competition will be going after the same market and may be even selling the same products as you. They will represent an obstacle to your success and you need to be prepared to meet that obstacle and come out a winner on the other side. The top entrepreneurs understand that every quest for success is an invitation to enter into a fight. They prepare for the fight by arming themselves with the best tools needed to win, and they expect the competition to do the same.