A damaged or devastated online reputation for a business has the power to directly affect sales, leads and future customers. It is for this reason why so many businesses in such a situation will look to use the services of a reputation management company. These businesses offer a service which  help companies to improve and maintain their online reputations, as well as being able to fix broken reputations. Take al look at reputation management consultants reviews and you will see a plethora of grateful business owners who have averted the pain caused by a negative reputation.

We know that an online rep can be damaged with some negative content, a viral video or poor reviews, but how can a reputation be fixed? Let’s take a look.

Charm Offensive

Very often businesses have their reputations tarnished with some negative news stories or content written about them, often which aren’t even true. Let’s say that your business is investigated by the police after a claim from a disgruntled ex-employee, but there has been absolutely no wrongdoing. In such a situation those news stories will not be deleted and they will be all the customer sees when they search your name on the search engine. To counteract this a rep management company will provide positive and accurate content about your business which ranks will and relegates the negativity down so far in the search results that you’d only find it if you were looking.


Reviews cannot be deleted from the website, regardless of whether or not they are true or false, which does pose a problem when it comes to negative reviews. The best way in which a business can manage a negative review is to respond, either with an apology or with defense. This can in fact turn into a great marketing opportunity because people know that businesses can get it wrong sometimes, and if they are able to explain and offer compensation then they can be quickly forgiven. The key is knowing where and when those reviews are being left so that you can respond quickly, and a rep management company will help you to set up alerts so that you can be on the front foot.

Social Media

A positive social media profile often coincides with a positive online reputation and this is anther area which will be addressed. These teams are experts at posting great content which is shareable and which will increase your online reputation. A viral video can’t go away, but with enough positivity from your social media channels it can quickly be forgotten, such is the fast paced nature of the internet. In cleaning up and improving your social media, you can very quickly repair that online reputation, and fix any damage which may have gone before.

A broken reputation can always be repaired and though it may be a slow process, it most certainly can be done.