Relationship Advice
When you start dating, it is reasonable for women to start looking at every relationship from a different point of view, and even go so far into asking yourself ‘is he the one?’ The answer to this relies on whether he checks out on all the aspects that you look out in your future partner. Finding ‘the one’ implies that he is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with and essentially he would be the one that makes you happy. As you continue reading, you will come across some tips that will help you identify if he is ‘the one’ and not just ‘another one’.

You are your best version of yourself when you are with him

You need to value the way he makes you feel about yourself. Are you more filled with confidence when you are with him? Does he make you feel cheerful, happy, and hopeful? See how he contributes to these aspects. A relationship will either bring you up, or down. If you feel less valued, ignored, insecure, in your relationship you should identify that this probably isn’t going to change in the future, and therefore he isn’t the one for you.

He makes sacrifices for you. And you would gladly do the same for him

A guy that makes that extra effort to make you feel loved and happy is definitely the one for you. This quality is very important because you will realize if he is a sharing and loving partner, or if he is more self centered and selfish.

He is your partner and your best friend

It is extremely important to find in your partner someone you can always look up to. He should be your go-to person, the one you can trust and the one who you can rely entirely on. If he isn’t the one you can’t trust, or he isn’t always there for you when you need him to be, then he isn’t the one for you.

He respects your life outside of your relationship

In a lot of couples, there is the struggle with balancing your romantic life and your social life. This should never be an issue. Being together is important, but taking your time apart to be with your friends and family is important as well. You definitely do not want to overwhelm each other, nor feel like you don’t have your space and your freedom. If he controls what you do outside the relationship, don’t expect that it would be any different if you were married.

The drama is not the entire part of the relationship

It is understandable that in every relationship one will encounter fights and arguments, but when this becomes the central aspect of the relationship it is just unhealthy for both parties. The relationship should have more ups than downs. If your relationship consists mainly of arguing, then you should think twice if you want to spend the rest of your life doing this.

Actions speak louder than words

He is a man of his word by making stuff happen. He isn’t just someone that tells you stuff that never see the light of day. Your ideal guy proves his words with his actions. He doesn’t tell you just that he loves you, he shows you. He doesn’t only tell you he is going to support you, he proves it to you. Often words are used as a substitute for romantic actions but are empty without a follow through, which is why this aspect is very important in your ideal guy.