Whether you live in New York, Los Angeles, or Miami, business competition is tougher today than it has been in our lifetimes.  New technologies like the internet have created a situation where companies must do all they can to be prepared for competition no matter where that competition is based. For instance your company might be in Miami and only servicing the Miami area, and you may find your greatest competitors are located halfway around the world in Singapore. This is the reality of business today and why companies need to continually focus on gaining a competitive edge.

For business people who are leaders in their fields like Miami based Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch executive who has set the pace for success in his industry for more than a decade, gaining a competitive edge is not a choice it’s a requirement. Those who wish to continuously succeed at what they’re doing need to approach their business in a very systematic and thought out way. taking a close look at Patrick Dwyer and how he approaches his business activities can provide us insight into the mind of a very successful and competitive business person. Here are a few of his key tools and strategies.

The Latest Technology Tools

Patrick Dwyer always make sure to utilize the latest technology tools for his business activities. Every year there are released new business tools that can improve efficiency and effectiveness. Many of these tools take advantage of the increased levels of communication because of the internet. Some are hardware tools like tablet computers that are extraordinarily portable, and mobile phones that now are as powerful as laptop computers of a decade ago. These hardware tools can create a fully mobile office type environment allowing Patrick to be fully functional on the go.

Software tools including mobile apps that provide communication, project management, customer service, and security, are critical tools that provide new levels of connectivity and efficiency never-before-seen in the business world. These tools can be used to manage and tire companies or specific departments within a company. Employees can also come together around a project or specific customer in order to ensure that there’s ample resources and attention paid. Additionally, the software can be deployed and interacted with globally, creating a seamless team across time zones and offices.

Online Classes

At the rate that business is moving these days, it is nearly impossible to keep up with all of the new changes. One smart idea that Patrick adopts is to constantly re-educate himself. Today there are online classes that can be taken at the student’s leisure. Patrick and choose to take classes during the day, at night or on weekends and at his own pace. This constant access to education law allows Patrick to always be abreast of the latest trends in his business sector. Many of the classes are taught by top industry experts who provide actual case studies to students. Because of this Patrick always kept up to date and well informed.