No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy, Why it is the Best Option

When it comes to getting a vasectomy there is only one option which is used by medical professionals in the modern age. The no needle and no scalpel vasectomy is the best option here, and it has changed from the traditional approach where needles and tools would have been required. What we use in the modern age is a laser which we are able to utilize to cut the vas deferens, the connecting tube which must be severed in order to sterilize the patient.

There are tens of thousands of men who have this treatment each and every year and there is no doubt that this is the smartest way for them to have this procedure. Here are the benefits of the no scalpel vasectomy and why it is always the preferred option.

Speed of the Surgery

The speed of the surgery has been reduced from around an hour to just 25 minutes thanks to this new approach and that is good for everyone involved. This means that the surgeon can do more treatments in a day, it means that there is an easier process for the patient and it also means that the patient spends less money because they need the operating room and the surgeon for less time.

Pain of The Operation

Previously this was certainly an operation which carried with it some level of pain and most patients would take local anesthetic prior to the op. This does still take place but the overwhelming majority of patients simply describe the procedure as uncomfortable rather than painful.

Reduction of Risk

Any operation which involves cutting someone open carries with it a risk of infection. This is of course a rare occurrence as medical professional take all steps to avoid it, but nonetheless there still presents a risk. When it comes to using the laser however this risk is reduced down to zero and that again gives both patient and surgeon great peace of mind. This is certainly why this is the preferred way to carry out this particular procedure.

Easier Recovery

 Another clear benefits which we see of this particular surgery, or at least this technique, is that the recovery time is significantly less for the patient. The reason being is that the alteration to the vas deferens really doesn’t take very long at all, a matter of hours in fact. Previously of course the patient would have healed both that area of the body, as well as the location of the scalpel cut. Instead of a patient being laid up for a number of days, this procedure means that they can be back on their feet within 24 hours. There is of course some caution to be taken but in the main there really is no great risk after the 24 hour mark.

This has been a great advancement with regards to the vasectomy procedure and it is one which is helping so many to have a quick and easy operation.