When looking at attorneys, there are many misconceptions and myths that are mentioned. Unfortunately, people believe many things about attorneys said by some that do not actually know the truth. Misconceptions easily appear. When you need the services of an attorney you should never trust the following statements, according to experienced practitioner Joey Langston.

All Attorneys Have The Same Training

This is one of the falsest statements you will hear in the industry. It makes it look like experience is the only thing that makes the lawyer good at his job. In truth, the work of the lawyer is much more complicated than what you might think. For instance, an estate attorney will never be a really good defense attorney. At the same time, available resources and location do dictate much about how good the attorney is. At the same time, laws frequently change so age can actually be a problem for attorneys. Those with new, modern training can be a lot better.

You Do Not Need A Lawyer

This is a misconception that is mostly promoted by insurance industry since it wants you to think that lawyers are not needed when dealing with them. The myth continues by saying that attorneys just want some of your settlement cash.

The reality is that whenever something legal is involved, the help of the attorney is truly invaluable. Regular people do not know the law and the different intricate systems that apply in specific situations. Because of this, hiring an attorney is the best possible way to be sure your best interests are respected, all according to law.

If An Offer Is Made, The Attorney Is Not Needed

In many situations, if a legal dispute appears, you are presented with a specific settlement amount or you are given a deal of some kind. It is believed that when this happens, there is no need to talk with the attorney. This is false since you cannot possibly know if the offer made is actually the best one possible for you. Always consult with an attorney and in many cases this is actually going to bring in a much better offer in the future.

Lawsuits Cause Insurance Rates To Be Higher

Insurance rates have to go up in the event an individual makes mistakes, especially when there are legalities involved. However, this is by no means the fault of the lawyer. The insurance industry does want really high profit margins. If attorneys are removed from the equation, this is made much easier. It is not the lawsuits that increase insurance rates. It is the fact that lawyers get involved that allows clients to get the settlements they are truly entitled to.

The Trial Attorney Charges Per Hour

There are many attorneys that charge the hourly rate but the truth is this is not standard practice. It is not that difficult to hire an attorney based on a per case basis. In many cases there are even attorneys that charge clients only in the event the case is won.