Sex toys for couples are a great way of spicing up your bedroom antics and increase your pleasure and arousal. Some are great for stimulating one partner with the other in control and some are great for simultaneous stimulation. Whatever experience you’re after, there’s sure to be a couple’s sex toy for you. To help, we’ve narrowed down a few of the most popular couples sex toys from Mega Pleasure to choose from. 

Remote Controlled Egg

For the ultimate couple’s toy for discreet public play, you need a remote-controlled egg. Eggs are a great addition to date night as the egg sits inside the vagina ready to be controlled by the wireless remote. These discreet toys are great for increasing sexual anticipation while out and about and also get you ready for a night of passion. However, these aren’t just great for outdoor play, you can also use during foreplay or while you’re going about your household chores to make them a little more interesting. 

Beginner Bondage Sets

Bondage sets are a perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom. They add a little thrill and excitement and can even make your sex more pleasurable. In beginner bondage sets you’ll usually find a blindfold to create intense anticipation and increase arousal. Blindfolds take away one of your senses which in turn heightens the rest. Every touch will feel even more incredible. You may also find handcuffs that you can play around with to restrain yourself or your partner so that they have to keep their hands to themselves. The desire to touch you will become too much and their arousal and pleasure will be incredible. You may also find a tool for spanking which increases blood flow to certain areas. When this happens, it heightens the sensitivity which increases the enjoyment. Always start slow with spanking and come up with a safe word for if things get too intense!

Vibrating Cock Rings

Using a vibrating cock ring is a great way to introduce sex toys into the relationship. They’re not intimidating and can stimulate both partners at the same time. Place the vibrating cock ring at the base of the penis with the vibrating end of the ring at the top so that it can stimulate the clitoris. The vibrations will feel sensational for both partners. As well as this, the tightness of the ring will help improve the stamina of the wearer by restricting blood from flowing back down the penis. The penis will stay harder for longer which makes this a win-win situation!

Strap Ons

Strap ons aren’t for the light-hearted but are a great tool for those who enjoy pegging or who take part in lesbian sex. Pegging is the act of a woman wearing a strap on dildo to anally penetrate their partner. It’s great for stimulating all those hidden nerve endings in a man’s anus as well as the prostate. Strap ons are also perfect for lesbian sex to feel more intimate and provide pleasure. Most strap ons are also great for stimulating the wearers clitoris at the same time for dual pleasure.