There are 2 types of leaders in this world, on the one hand you have those who are born with no leadership skills and who have to try and learn how to be a better leader as they go through life. On the other hand or those leaders like Misha Kaura, born leaders who the rest of us must learn from. For the people reading this who fall into the former category it is vital that you understand what great leadership looks like and what people like Misha excel at in order to learn how to be one. With this in mind, these are the qualities which all great leaders must display.


Motivating people is not easy and it is a vital skill which leaders require. We are all motivated in different ways and by different things and it is up to a leader to identify what gets us going and how they can tap into that to inspire us to be at our best. Some of us need to have the pressure turned up, others need an incentive and some just need to be wound up to go. A great leader spots this and knows how to get the best out of people.

Giving and Earning Respect

All great leaders have reciprocal respect between themselves and their team and this is not something that happens by accident. In fact this is something which must be worked on and built up over time. A boss or a leader doesn’t have the instant right to be respected just because of the position which they hold, there are no laws suggesting this should be the case and that is why this is something that as to be earned.

Building Teams

You can often see how good a leader is by the team which they have created, a reflection on their abilities as a leader. A team isn’t just a group of outstanding individuals, it is a group of people who work in perfect synergy with one another, who help and support each other to be better as individuals and a great leader should be able to spot that.

Past, Present and Future

 Great leaders learn from the past, they are alive and active in the present and they always have one eye on the future. This is the true mark of a leader and this forward thinking approach is why so many great leaders end up in the business setting. With this kind of approach lessons are taken on board from past mistakes and the ability to look ahead ensures that danger can be averted and opportunities which present themselves can be taken.

Finally a great leader must understand how to give and receive communication, a key skill which many people lack. Communication skills are the glue which knits all the other skills together and this is why it is so vital in any leader. Do you have what it takes?