During this pandemic it is a great idea to start a new hobby, the perfect way to fill your time. I have been collecting the wonderful Megalopolis toys now for some time and I have been using this time to boost my collection and to discover toys which I had previously no idea about. As many of you will know, buying online is something that has risen in terms of our activities and this is why looking for something to collect would be a really cool idea. I have always enjoyed this passion and here are just a few examples of what you may decide to start collecting. 


There is something wondrous and fascinating about old coins and they are something which many people around the world collect. The currency of a country or a small city is about unlocking secrets of the past and each coin will have been touched by thousands of hands, used to pay for hundreds of items and all of that history is packed into a single coin. You can get started buying coins without much money at all, and this is something which is going to become very addictive, very quickly. 

Event Programs

A friend of mine has long collected programs from throughout history for a wide range of events. At almost all sporting events and music events they sell programs before the event and this is a wonderful snapshot of history. There is also a great amount of financial value and joy which you will get when you find a program from a particularly important or iconic event and that is what collectors of these programs really live for. You can find, buy and swap these programs through many Facebook groups and other online portals. 

Classic Cars

Whist collecting life sized classic cars is only something that a very small percentage of the world could afford to do, the rest of us have to make do with collecting classic toy cars, and that is something which is probably more fun anyway, and at the very least they won’t break down when you hit the road with them. Classic cars have been getting made in this small way for a long time and that means that there is an enormous range which you can find to collect. 


I am very much someone who likes to collect things which can be used rather than which sit ins storage and that is why the collecting of vinyl records is something which I am looking  to get into,. I am no audiophile so I won’t comment on whether or not the records sound better than digital music, but there is something very enchanting about records. These old records have been enjoyed by so many people and lit up the room at parties in the past. Records are also like pieces of art and that is another reason why so many like them. 

What would you get started with if you were going to collect something?