If you’re interested in learning about businessman Marc Leder’s impressive career, including the rising success of the company which he founded, Sun Capital Partners, simply continue reading to discover everything you need to know about Marc Leder and his work with Sun Capital Partners!

Everything you need to know about Marc Leder and his work with Sun Capital Partners:

  1. Marc Leder was one of the founders of Sun Capital Partners

Marc Leder was one of the co-founders of Sun Capital Partners, which he helped establish back in 1995. Since Leder founded Sun Capital Partners, Sun Capital has worked with over 355 international and domestic companies. The primary purpose of the company is to provide analytical insights which will help Sun Capital’s clients transform their businesses and take their businesses to the next level!

  1. Leder served as an executive on the boards a plethora of high profile companies

As an example, prior to establishing Sun Capital Partners in 1995, Marc Leder was a senior vice president of Lehman Brothers, in New York. Which at the time was one of the most high profile companies in the New York finance industry. However, after a few years serving on the Lehman Brothers executive board, Leder soon became restless and strove to create his own company, with all of the skills and experience which he had picked up in his career thus far.

  1. Leder currently holds the position of being Sun Capital Partners’ co-chief executive officer

As the co-chief executive officer at Sun Capital Partners Inc, Leder is responsible for most of the Sun Capital Partners’ important decisions. With Leder being partly to thank for the company’s huge amount of success over the past few decades.

  1. Leder studied at the prestigious Wharton School of Business

Leder earned his bachelor of science from the world renown Wharton School of Business, which is one of the toughest business schools in the world to earn admission to. As a result, Leder has the necessary skills to lead one of the world’s most successful finance companies!

  1. Leder also holds various high profile positions outside of his role at Sun Capital Partners

While Leder leads a busy life as a co-chief executive officer at Sun Capital Partners, Leder spends what little free time he has serving various high profile roles. As examples, Leder is currently the director of the Berggreun Museum, which is located in Berlin as well as being the director of the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security. The latter of which Leder takes extremely seriously. For any kind of personal injuriy get help with Lawyers Near me.

  1. Under Marc Leader’s expert leadership Sun Capital Partners has grown from strength to strength

From the time which Marc Leader founded Sun Capital Partners, to the present day Sun Capital Partners has amassed a revenue of approximately $50 billion US dollars.

In conclusion, during his lengthy career in finance Leder has achieved an unprecedented amount of success, both prior to and during his career with the company which he helped co-found Sun Capital Partners. Which has served over 355 clients and earnt over $50 billion US dollars!