Fishing is so much more than a hobby. Few people would consider themselves professional fishermen, with exception of those who actually do it for a living and sell their fish, but those who love to fish see it as more than just a way to pass time. People like Mack Prioleau see it almost as a way of life. For those who haven’t been fishing before, this is a bit of a mystery. Here, Mack Prioleau tries to shed some light on that mystery.

The Many Reasons why Mack Prioleau Loves to Fish

  1. It allows you to spend time outside in the sunshine.
  2. It is very relaxing.
  3. You get to enjoy some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
  4. You can make fantastic friends.
  5. You can often spend the day with a cooler full of beer next to you.
  6. Fishing is surprisingly challenging.
  7. Catching a big fish is something that fills your heart with pride.
  8. Casting a first line after a long hard week at work is the best feeling in the world.
  9. The water rocking and flowing is enough to relax even the most stressed out minds.
  10. It allows you to be by yourself, even if there are more fishing buddies.
  11. Finding a perfect lure takes skill and lots of testing, but when you find it, it is amazing.
  12. Learning new fishing techniques from others is amazing.
  13. Organizing a tackle box, thinking about the things that happened before with the different lures and lines, is like a trip down memory lane and an anticipation of what is yet to come.
  14. Respooling lines may be tedious, it is also a part of the whole fishing experience and therefore something to be enjoyed.
  15. There are fishing tournaments to take part in, which is great fun.
  16. All fishermen lie about the size of the fish they caught, particularly if they end up throwing it back. That is part of the fun and they all know it.
  17. Sometimes, you really do catch that amazing fish that everybody has been after forever. And even if you don’t, hoping you will or thinking today might be the day is enough to keep anyone going.
  18. There is nothing quite like a big trout, even if it isn’t an award winning one.
  19. When someone catches their first fish, everybody is happy for them.
  20. Rebating a hook is intricate and really makes you feel at one with your roots again.
  21. Sometimes, you don’t catch any fish at all and go home empty handed, but with a heart full of happiness and love.
  22. Other times, you catch one fish after the other, while others catch nothing at all. This means you don’t go home empty handed, and with a heart spilling over with pride.
  23. When the weather is hot, you can sometimes even enjoy a bit of the water – although only if you are mindful of the hooks.
  24. The feeling when a fish tugs on the line is enthralling and exciting.