If you are running a small business then you’ll know just how difficult it can be to commit to a marketing budget. On the one hand you know that marketing will help bring in more customers and more sales to your business yet on the other hand it involves investing capital which may very well be limited. In order to overcome this you need to ensure that you are investing money in something which will be profitable and which will bring in a strong return on investment. To help you nail down which marketing strategies work best here are those which can guarantee a strong ROI.

Network Marketing

Network marketing can do wonders for your business and that is why so many excellent companies like Lyconet are doing a roaring trade in this industry. Network marketing involves direct word-of-mouth advertising which can help you to sell to the people who you know will be inclined to give your company a try.

Social Media Marketing

 Social media offers a highly accessible, highly targeted and successful option to market to your clients, or your potential customers. The beauty of investing money into social media marketing is that regardless of your budget you can run a successful campaign which is aimed directly at the demographics of your target customer base. Furthermore social media marketing can offer you excellent insights and metrics which can help you track the level of engagement which your content receives and it can help you to tailor your marketing campaign to ensure that you see even more profitability from it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most reliable tools when it comes to formatting a marketing campaign and it can be heavily targeted so that you are talking directly to your target market. Emails can be personalized and aimed at the people who you expect to get maximum engagement from. This marketing strategy can also be used to connect and reconnect with exiting and previous customers, to ensure that you get repeat business from those who have already enjoyed your products and services.

Promotional Marketing

The only thing new about promotional marketing is the method by which it is carried out but in truth this is a strategy which has worked for companies for a very long time. Promotional marketing involves giving the customer a killer offer in order to get them through the door, at this point it will be up to you to show your new customers why they should return to you after the deal is done. In today’s world you can do this by offering a great promotion on something like a coupon site like Groupon. Let’s say that you sell products on this site at cost, this offers the customer a great discount to come and give your company a try, and it costs you nothing. The key will be whether or not  you can impress the customer enough that they come back again, bringing a friend in the future.