As a homeowner association Director you may be considering whether there are options for Corona CA property management services.  Whether you want to hire a professional Community Association Manager or the full services of a Property Management company you have some options to choose from when seeing how to best serve your Home Owner Association.

Corona CA Property Management

A full service all inclusive Home Owner Association Property Management Service will transform your Home Owner Association into a professional organized HOA that will serve the best interests of all parties without prejudice.  The main support provided is to the Board of Directors to provide them with advise, support and services which will aid the smooth running of the HOA and allow them to focus on policy setting and the more interesting aspects of managing their community.

The services you should expect from a Property Management firm include answering Board members questions whenever required, with a quick response time and accurate information.  Providing a precise and timely response to all homeowner requests, ensuring requests are responded to formally with a letter and follow up on with an accurate response.  Preparation of activity reports for the community, property inspectors and the Board of Directors.  Answering and acting upon all homeowner communications however they come, verbally or in writing.

The property management firm will prepare Board meeting packs for every board meeting including a meeting agenda which they will compile, provision of any requested management reports and financial statements, and then copies of correspondence and quotes requested to be actioned.  Following the Board meeting they will generate and circulate minutes from Board of Director meetings, providing action lists for follow up, and then managing follow up of any necessary activities, and then providing progress reports over coming weeks.  Someone one from the property management service will attend each Board meeting to act as an advisor and answer any questions.

They will act as an emergency center for all community emergencies, providing a 24/7 answering service and prompt follow up, and then coordination of contractors to deal with the emergency situation.

Training will be provided by the Property Management company to help with orientation of new Board members, and for Treasurers to understand financial statements and their role as Treasurer.

Hiring a Full Time Community Association Manager

As well as, or alternative to an all inclusive property management service, these companies can also provide a full time Community Association Manager who will be dedicated to that community in management of all property services, and can play a key role on the Board of Directors as either Chairman or Treasurer to manage an aspect of the community which others aren’t qualified or willing to fulfill.  Having a neutral person in this role ensures that all members of the community feel their views and opinions are considered and that decisions are without prejudice.

A full time Community Manager will also be provided with ongoing training to understand aspects of the community management which may touch on regulations and laws.