Last week was the night that I had been planning for a long time, the bachelor party of my best friend. Assuming my duties as best man, I stopped at nothing to give my buddy the best party of all time, which actually ended up turning into an entire weekend event. I chose the best limousine service Atlanta had to offer to ferry me and the boys around the city for a weekend, which turned out to be one of the best decisions which we made.

Throughout the planning process of this event, I looked into just about every type of activity which was available to us, and I wanted to share some of them with you. If you are planning a bachelor party for your buddy, here are some ideas which you may want to think about.


Us guys are a competitive bunch so why not think about including some kind of sports event or tournament which you and the rest of the group can get your teeth stuck into. I decided that on the Saturday afternoon, hangover dependent, that we would have a mini-Olympics, involving a mixture of different ‘sports’ and challenges. I was initially worried that not everyone would get involved in this, but it turned out to be a huge hit and a great talking point for the rest of the weekend.


The limo service turned out to be a real hit and I would absolutely recommend that you do something similar on your weekend. The reason why the limo was so popular was not just because of the fact that we had personalized transport all weekend, but also because we all felt like celebs, and people treated us like that too. If you are planning a stag do for your buddy, make sure that you take some steps to ensure that there is a little bit of luxury. This could be VIP passes for the club, a limo like we did or even special access to a sporting event.


In terms of accommodation if you are heading off to another country or city, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you get a big apartment for your squad. The problem with hotels is that you are often separated and this can suck some of the fun out of the event. Booking a large apartment is the best way to keep everyone together, and ensure the fun doesn’t end.


There can be a temptation at t these kind of events to simply drink and be merry, but that can get a little stale after a day or two. Instead of this I would recommend that you breakup the drinking time with some activities. The best kind of activities which you can take on are things like Go Karting, paint balling, laser tag or driving events. Drinking at night, fun by day, that is the perfect recipe to a great bachelor party.