Are you having trouble opening up to your partner? If so, don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, learning how to let down your guard and having more vulnerability is a healthy thing.

Vulnerability is the key to a successful relationship but becoming vulnerable with your partner is very difficult. So, how do you open up?

Let’s go over ways you can be more vulnerable and how to open up to your partner. Doing so will better your relationship in the long run. 

Why is Vulnerability Important in a Relationship?

When you open up to someone, whether it be in a relationship, a friendship, or even a total stranger, you instantly become vulnerable. Your defenses are down, and you are sharing information that typically only you know. Why share this and not just keep it to yourself?

Well, when we open up and become vulnerable, the relay of personal information creates a connection between both parties. This connection will grow the more you share with them, and the more they share with you. Without this connection, or this vulnerability, the relationship could end up feeling one-sided to your partner, or the feelings and passion in your relationship might fizzle out.

Being vulnerable with your partner will also make them more interested in and connected with your relationship. Showing your true emotions, and choosing not to hide them, tells your partner that you trust them wholeheartedly and that you love them enough to divulge it. This trust, emotional connection, and vulnerability are key to a happy, successful relationship. Now the question is, how do you become vulnerable?

Get to Know Yourself

Before you choose to open up to your partner, you want to first look deep inside and open up to yourself. Opening up to yourself allows you to understand your past and how it still affects you today.

Dive deep into your relationships with your family, your friends, your old friends, ex-partners, everything, even your relationship with yourself. Once you look at these and major events in your life, you will start to realize how these have shaped you into who you are now. After you do this, you may want to look into therapy.

Therapy has a wrongful stigma in today’s society, but that shouldn’t stop you. Therapy is a great way for you to decompress and dig into your past and your relationships in a safe, secretive environment. On top of the many benefits of therapy, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and share it with your partner, strengthening the connection between you two.

Be Honest with Yourself

When you start to look inside yourself, it’s more than likely that you’ll discover things that shock you or make you uncomfortable. This can lead to your refusal of the truth, making it more difficult to analyze and come to terms with, which is not good.

If you aren’t honest with yourself, you’ll find it increasingly more difficult to love and learn about yourself, making it harder to open up to your partner. Honesty is also one of the more important parts of a relationship. If you aren’t first honest with yourself, then you can’t be completely honest with your partner.

Maintain Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. This is no different for when you’re opening up to your partner.

Should you feel uncomfortable at any time when opening up, speak up. Your partner will understand, and you can continue again when you feel you are ready.

Another thing to note is that once you open up, don’t just close up shop. Opening the door is just the first step. Now that you two have this vulnerable, raw, human connection, it’s important to upkeep that connection.

To do this, maintain commutation. Whatever you’re feeling, tell your partner. Whatever your partner is feeling, have them tell you.

The open communication and positive atmosphere between you will create an environment of pure honesty. When you two are together, there will be no emotional walls separating you, further enriching your relationship.

Have Your Partner Open Up

No matter what you do, opening up to your partner is going to be difficult. So, why not have them do it with you? Having your partner open up to you as well helps to create that trust as it shows you that you two are in it together.

How you chose to do it is up to you. Maybe it’s more helpful for you if you two make a night of it and do it together. Maybe you’d rather you speak one night, and they speak the next.

No matter how you choose to do it, it only works if both of you open up. If one party doesn’t, that trust and safe environment can vanish, digging a grave for your relationship.

How to Be More Vulnerable in Your Relationship

So, how to be more vulnerable in your relationship? The key is to trust yourself, trust your partner, and maintain communication. Understanding yourself and communicating with your partner will instantly better your relationship, preparing it for the long run.

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