John Robert Powers was an actor from Chicago who rose to prominence at the turn of the 20th Century. In 1927 he began his very own talent agency and it is now 92 years old and one of the most respected in the world. For John Robert Powers Chicago was always the place where he believed the best talent would come from and that is why he set up the agency there, looking for the next star of the silver screen. So how exactly has an agency like this remind so prominent for such a long time? Let’s take a look.


The John Robert Powers agency has a number of reputations in terms of its integrity and one reputation that it has had for a number of years is for its brutal honesty when measuring talent. The fact of the matter of it is this, if you aren’t cut out for a career like this, you will be told very quickly after your audition has been reviewed. The agency can certainly spot potential and they don’t expect the finished article, but if you don’t have it then they will let you know. Many agencies take on people when they know they are not good enough and then those people never get gigs or jobs, and they have had their time wasted.


As you can imagine for a company to survive almost one hundred years, they need to have a solid reputation across the industry which is exactly what John Robert Powers have. Models and actors know that if they are able to get on the books of the agency that they will be given good jobs and well paying positions. Industry insiders and companies know that if they go to John Robert Powers that they will be delivered some of the best talent available. This is why people have kept going back time and time again to use the Chicago based talent agency, because they have a reputation for doing things well and doing things right.

Through The Ranks

Over the last century there is so much that has changed by way of trends and fashion, so how have the John Robert Powers agency been able to keep up with the changing of the times? The secret to this is recruiting from within so that they have a constant flow of young and creative staff who understand the trends of the time. Many ex-models or prospects have been invited to work within the agency and this is one of the reasons as to why they can constantly stay on top of new styles and requirements as the decades have passed by.

The vision which John Robert Powers had all those years ago has very much come to fruition and there is no reason why this agency can’t reach its second century if things stay the same.