For Joe Cipolla Chicago based artist, this lockdown has given him a fantastic opportunity to really get stuck into some new projects and to create some art which is reflective of the times that we are going through. I was lucky recently , thanks to the reopening, to join Joe in his studio and see what cool things he had been working on. Something which we touched on during our chat was the fact that everyone has a piece of artwork in them and it is very much Joe’s belief that everyone should draw, or at least give it a go.

Most people will say that they are not able to, but here is why that may not be the case.

Setting the Standards

As Joe rightly mentions, the world of art has always been about individual expression, it has always been about creating something which the artist was happy about. This notion that things should look a certain way is wrong and in actual fact it goes against what art should be about in the first place. If you are trying to draw an apple and it looks like a pear then that simply means that you need more practice, it does not mean that you weren’t born to draw. When drawing, try to keep it simple and just draw something that you want to, not something which you think that someone will appreciate.

Free Therapy

Something which many fail to recognize is that through dating you can really take yourself away from the stresses and strains of life and instead focus on a project which is going to give you a single focus. When you are getting stuck into a piece, there is little else in your mind and the time just flies by. Many people only draw and point for this reason and the truth is that there is definitely a sense of therapy which you can get from such an activity.

The Creation

Good or bad, there is something which is lovely about taking a blank page and actually creating something on it. That moment when you cast an eye over what you have managed to achieve, there is a sense of both pride and completion there, and that is good for your mind and for your soul.

Inspires Creativity

Many of us will say that we don’t draw because we are not creative, yet we now know that those who do draw are inspiring further creativity. And so if you do doodle, sketch or draw something, you are actively helping yourself to be better and to be more creative as you move forward. This is something which many people are not aware of, the power that drawing can have with regards to unlocking your creative energy for other projects which you may have going on.

If you have some time on your hands then give it a go, grab a pencil and a blank page, and see what you can create.