Jeffrey Mohlman has been working in the financial services industry since 2012, including working as an Account Manager for Safe Money Partners, a Dayton-based firm and including service with Questar Capital Corporation until 2015.

Mr Mohlman has a very strong client base who will only go to him for Financial advice as he is the only person they trust with their capital. He provides exceptional customer service and each recommendation is specifically tailored to a client’s needs.

Some people are often very tempted to do their own research on financial planning with a little help from the Internet. However, there are definitely benefits of consulting a Financial Advisor.

The initial and fundamental advantage is that a Financial Advisor will have a knowledge of all products from very safe to risky, they will have a lot of contacts and they will be aware of any new products coming to the market.

Financial Advisors are also very adept in finding out what you want from a product and how much risk you intend to take. They will find out information of your personal finances and circumstances such as dependants, school fees and other expenses and they will get you to confirm your long term and short terms goals for your investments. For example, they need to know how soon you want the cash and what realistic return you are hoping for. It is no good not being able to get the cash until October if you want it in May! The advisor can collate all of this information, consult their portfolio of products and find a product that meets your needs. If you undertake this task alone then you may take you months to find a suitable product, you may miss out on something that an advisor could have explained to you and you still may not make a good choice. Thus, using a financial advisor reduces the risk of you purchasing a product that does not give you a good return, that you do not really understand, and which therefore does not fulfil your requirements.

Even though Financial Advisors make a charge, there is a risk of losing a lot more by going alone. As well as the emotional cost including the stress and also having to explain to your family what has happened to the money.

A Financial advisor will understand the intricacies of a product and the small print and they may have used the product several times before.

In conclusion you need to ask yourself these questions

  • Do you have the time and ability to do as much research as will be required?
  • Can you afford to lose your capital?
  • Do you have any experience in this field, do you understand the small print and the finer details?
  • What will be the repercussions for you and your family if things do not go according to plan?

If you answered no to even one of these questions, then seeking financial advice is the best option for you. Consult Jeff Mohlman today.