Jeffrey Breault is someone who shares the fact that I have always been in love with cars and ever since I was child all I wanted to do was work in the car industry. It was a great day for me then when I began working with Jeffrey the highly successful CEO and founder of his own automotive company, and a car lover just like me. Over the years Jeff Breault and I have bonded over our love of cars and we have even traveled the world to watch some of the planet’s most prestigious car races. Jeff’s other passion is one which I didn’t share when I started working for him and that was country music, he really is obsessed with it! Over the years however I too have come to love country music and here is exactly why, I may not love it quite like Jeff does, but I’m slowly getting there.


Jeff used to call me into his office all of the time to listen to certain lyrics from songs, lyrics which were very often lost on me. I have always be a music fan and lyrics are something which I enjoy, back then however I was somewhat blinded or deafened by my own prejudice towards country music so I never really paid much attention. The truth is however that the more country music which you listen to the more that you realize how great the lyrics are, often very simple and very honest, and very enjoyable to hear.


I used to think that country music was nothing more than 4-chords of music played in a multitude of different combinations but again, I would have been wrong with that. As Jeff always tells me, the talent which is required to play some of country music’s greatest songs is very high indeed and technically the guitar playing alone on many country music songs is extremely tricky. When you start listening to country music and you scratch beneath the surface, you quickly realize just how talented these men and women really are.

All Bases

Something which I do really enjoy about country music is that it covers a variety of topics and themes. This could be anything from love, fighting, anger, happiness and even some silly stuff, all of which can work very well no matter which mood you happen to be in. Jeff will even have different playlists depending on what mood he is in, or on what mood he wants to be in.


When Jeff first started talking to me about country music I had no idea just how popular it was and just how many artists there are to chose from. There are some artists who’s voice or music I simply don’t like but given the fact that there are literally thousands of artists, it isn’t hard to find one which suits you more.

If you aren’t a country music lover then why not give it another listen and see how you feel, perhaps you’ll convert like me.