For those who are disabled, injured or chronically ill and have little money, life can be very difficult in a place like Brooklyn New York. The city is crowded and busy and the weather is very warm or very cold more than half the year. Finding support services that fit into the lifestyle and fulfill the needs of these people has often been difficult. However there is a program that has a unique operating structure designed to work within the capabilities of the needy. Best yet it is vibrant and active serving many of its residents and available to many more who need these type of services.

The CDPAP Program

If you are looking for a great program that features consumer directed care Brooklyn has a wonderful program called the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program or CDPAP which is a program for those who require assistance in their daily life activities. This could be due to chronic illness, aging, a recent accident or disability leading to your being incapable of performing important tasks on your own. Or you may know someone in this condition and want to assist.  This government sponsored program is designed to offer localized help quickly and consistently and provides support services throughout New York City.

Key Elements of CDPAP

The major prerequisite for someone to receive services through CDPAP is that they must qualify for Medicaid. Other important aspects of the program include:

  • The person applying or consumer is responsible for selecting his or her own caregiver—their PA. The PA can be a friend, neighbor, or even a family member.
  • The consumer manages the PA and ensures he or she is properly oriented in the rules of the program. They are responsible for selecting, training and (if necessary) terminating the employment of the PA. For the purpose of this program, the consumer is the PA’s employer.

Consumers applying for this program will be at least partially disabled, so getting to care services is difficult or impossible and CDPAP offers a way for people to receive in-home care. Their unique methods mean that the care can be administered by neighbors, friends, or family members meaning the patient will be around people they know and are comfortable. Studies have shown that this can help patients to respond better to care services.

Like with so many government programs that are well-intentioned, CDPAP can be difficult to navigate requiring lots of paperwork and an in depth understanding of how the program works and how to access services.

Special Touch CDPAP

Special Touch CDPAP helps to guide those seeking home care from CDPAP through the process of applying for this program. Through their vast knowledge and experience working with Managed Medicaid Care Plans that serve Brooklyn communities they offer logistical support and educated guidance.

Special Touch also acts as a fiscal intermediary between the consumer and the PA and is responsible for processing hiring documents for the PA, processing certain necessary consumer documents, and paying the PA for the time they worked for the consumer.

Additionally, they provide potential clients with resources for the recruitment and training of their own personal assistants. For those who have a friend, relative or neighbor with an interest in offering you in-home care, the CDPAP program will pay them a salary.

Special Touch CDPAP has three conveniently located offices and a wide network of caregivers in the Brooklyn and is a respected and integral part of the community.