How to Win a Woman's Heart

There are always so many hilarious memes and jokes online about how complex and hard to understand women are. They picture a box with a single button labelled “Man,” and next to it a much more elaborate box covered in buttons, lights, screens, and dials that’s labelled “Woman.” Because of these popular views, many people firmly believe that the way to a woman’s heart is one fraught with complexity and potential pitfalls.

But is this really true? If you really take the time to get to know the woman you like best, then you’ll probably find that at least some of the following things are the way to her true heart and self.

1. Romantic Dates with Great Conversation

Never be afraid to dial up the romance factor when you go out on a date with a woman. On the whole, women love all of that: a nice restaurant with a cosy atmosphere, carriage rides in the park, a leisurely stroll on the seafront holding hands, it all works. You might think romantic dates are a bit outdated or corny, but you’re wrong. Making an effort to make a woman feel wooed is a great way to open up the road to her loving heart.

2. Active Listening

This is sometimes called the most underrated attraction point between women and their potential partners — just being able to listen. It sounds like nothing, but an incredible number of people, especially men, find themselves severely lacking in this department. What people don’t realise is that being a good listener as an attractive feature of a prospective partner is hard-wired into us as animals.

So, if you can listen and, better yet, show her that you’re listening by acknowledging, replying with more than just a “uh-huh,” and even asking questions about what she’s saying to clarify and more, then you can instantly become far more attractive to most women.

3. Not Trying to Solve Her Problems for Her

This one is a bit of a pet peeve among women. If you’ve been in relationships before, especially male-female relationships, how many times when your girlfriend told you about a problem she was having did you respond with a suggestion on how to solve it? Be honest! It can be a huge turn-off for women who just want a friendly and sympathetic ear (see above for listening skills). 

If you want to find the way to a woman’s heart, therefore. Hear and acknowledge her problems, but don’t always try to be the saviour, stepping in to solve everything for her.

4. Some Sexy Lingerie

When the relationship reaches the right point, the timely purchase of fantasy lingerie for all shapes and sizes is a great way to take the physical side of things to a whole new level. Such a gift is evidence that you see as someone who is not just pretty or beautiful, but highly sexually attractive, and the object of your fantasies. It’s just one of many ways you can make her feel more special, and more desirable.

5. Chocolate

This one may sound a bit of a cliche, but it holds true. It seems that women do tend to crave chocolate more than men do, so occasional gifts of chocolate will never fail to do well in winning over a woman that you like.

6. Making Her Feel Special

Finally, if you want to win your way into a woman’s heart, perhaps the most effective thing you can do in the longer term is learn about all the ways you can to make her feel special in your eyes. It’s one thing to feel liked, loved or valued, but to demonstrate that this person is a unique jewel to you, something irreplaceable and totally precious, then you might just find a warm response.