Fashion trends tend to come and go depending on the season, but glitter and face gems seem to be a trend that isn’t going to go away for a long time. That’s why you need to know how and when are the best times to use jewels to add a little bit of glamour to your look. You don’t just have to use them when you go to a festival. Instead, think outside of the box and consider how you’re going to work them into your overall look.

What are body jewels? 

Body and fashion jewels are stick-on glitter jewels that you can stick to your face or other parts of your body (like your chest or stomach). You can also use roll-on glitters and larger jewels to frame specific areas of your face. Some people even decide to have it in their hair on their scalp to give their hair a mermaid look. Jewels can come as plain or as multi-coloured. The choice as to which you are is entirely up to you and your sense of style.

Where can I wear body jewels? 

Honestly, you can wear body jewels to most events, outside of professional commitments. Whether you’re a university student on a night out or are a professional escort from Manchester’s longest service and most reliable escort agency looking to make a memorable night for a client, body jewels are fine to add a little bit of glamour to your outfit. You can combine them with a low cut dress, on your arms or even on your cheekbones if you want to highlight their natural contour. 

The bigger the better!

Don’t feel nervous about wanting to stand out from the crowd. Your style is your own choice and you deserve to have fun with your look. You can start by using small jewels but then slowly work up to larger gems on your face, chest, arms or stomach. Make sure to apply them first before you add any other sources of glitter or gems. That way you can work your way around them and make sure that they stand out. Some people even use gems in the centre of their forehead before framing their eyebrows with smaller gems. It looks extremely professional and highlights your forehead. 

Think about a theme

Some people use a theme when they apply their gemstones. For instance, a fantastic look is by making “tear trails” of white crystals down the eyes. It looks extremely effective if the rest of the glitter applied is white. Think hard about the sort of event you are going to be attending. If there is an obvious theme, work your jewels around it. For instance, if you are going to a sea-themed party, make sure to use blue jewels and try combining them with deep purples and greens. The closer you stick with your theme the better will your look will appear.

Combine with roll-on glitter

If you want to go for a bit more of a grungey look then you may also want to use coloured glitter to add a little bit of contour to your cheeks. Remember that this sort of glitter can come in two forms. Some can appear as a roll-on set and another can be a glitter powder. Using these types of glitter can get a bit messy, so make sure to apply it to only certain areas of your face. That way you can avoid spillage ruining the effect of your additional jewels. 

Makeup brushes

Now, if you are going to be using a combination of jewels and stick on glitter, don’t be afraid to get your make up brushes out to give you face a few extra colours. You can get plain jewels to combine them with a metallic base. This will give you a fantastic mermaid look. However, if you want to go all out for your look, don’t be afraid to use rainbow or neon colours. This can add a new dimension to your crystal look. 

Are you ready to rock out some jewels?

There’s no shame in wanting to try out a new fashion trend. Everyone has their style and should comfortable about wearing their style. Whether you decide to only stylise a few jewels around your jaw and cheekbones, or you want to go full force with some large head jewels and contour colours, it’s entirely your prerogative. Just remember to have fun whilst thinking of your design. You’re going to look fantastic!