The 40-yard dash is vital for the football player. Even a tenth of one second is going to make a huge difference in getting a player selected by a team and a free agent that is undrafted. Improving the 40-yard dash is something that you absolutely need to worry about. Ryan Grigson says that this means you want to improve your stance, your start, your sprint and improve your training when the goal is to improve such performance. Obviously, warming up is also a necessity or your entire training session will not be as prolific as it could be.

Train Your Start

Most of the time lost happens because timers start when you make your very first movement. Because of this, you want to be highly coordinated so you move forward right when your hand lifts off the ground. Remember the following:

  • Stay Low When Out Of Blogs – As you explode from the stance you have to stay low.
  • Back Leg – Free Hand Motion – You want to work in order to be sure that you fire the back leg and the free hand forward at the exact same time and as the very first movement you make.
  • The first step – Train your very first step to be as powerful and as short as you can. If it is too big you will not have proper balance and you will be overextended.
  • Your head – The head should be kept down when the first step is made.

Training For The 40-Yard Dash

Training is much more complex than what you might think if you want to get the best possible results. You will surely want to start with start training. Be sure that you practice 12 10-yard starts every single time you train the 40-yard dash. Experiment to find out exactly what is comfortable for you!

The next thing to remember is that weight distribution impacts the dash. When you are lining up you want to have 90 percent of the weight of your body leaning right on your front foot and hand. Constantly practice to see what your position is.

Another thing you should focus on is increasing arm pumping motion. Some athletes do so with weights but you do not want to use too much weight when your goal is to improve arm-leg frequency. You want to be able to drive arms backwards while the rest of the body is controlled and leaning forward.

After you are comfortable with the technique involved in the 40-yard dash, it is time to make it more difficult for you. Try to run the 40 yards with some hand weights on. Make sure the weight is low. A good thing you can do is to have the hand weights on and then drop them after 20 yards.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a better 40-yards dash, you need to train hard. It is worthwhile working with a trainer that can monitor and help you sprint faster. Remember that your entire career may be on the line so train exactly as this is the case.