Many companies find significant benefits using roll stock packaging or polybag packaging but may also fail in utilizing the prime real estate such items provide. Stand up pouches offer businesses ample opportunity to grab the consumers’ attention and increase sales, but it is necessary to know how to get the customers’ attention. There are at least eight ways to improve your sales through pouch customization.

1. Logo

When using stand up pouch custom printing, the essential element is the company logo. However, know that the logo need not be the most significant element on the packaging. A logo needs to demand notice while simultaneously being secondary to the merchandise. A customer must know what they are buying and then from whom.

2. Messaging

The messaging on the package needs to convey, with urgency, the item and benefit. Pouches are small, and consumers have a short attention span when shopping. Get to the point.

3. Color

Look at the packaging of the competition. What colors do similar products use, and where will stores place the items in comparison to yours. You want a design to stand out on the shelf. Sometimes, standing out requires bold and bright colors, but other times a more subtle approach is more noticeable.

4. Graphics

Stand up pouches provide a unique opportunity for bold graphics. Many printers can now wrap images around the bag, adding more visual interest to the design. A graphic needs to fit the merchandise and not take away from the messaging.

5. Zipper

Consumers want convenience from their products and packaging. A company wishing to offer more convenience to customers may choose to provide a zipper for resealable packaging. The zipper allows for fast access to the item, and it will enable the consumer to keep products fresher longer.

6. Window

Sometimes it is better to forego a graphic, choosing a window instead. A window can stand out on a shelf with other similar items because it entices the customer with the actual product. If the consumer can see what they are buying, they may be more inclined to buy. With direct messaging and a window, brands can easily see increased sales.

7. Spout

Getting back to convenience, if your product is a soft or liquid good, consider using a spout in the design. Stand up pouches for laundry detergents are often more appealing when the package includes an easy pour spout, ensuring the consumer of accurate, no-mess pouring.

8. Tear Notches

Even when designing a resealable stand up pouch, you need to consider the customer interaction and response. Tear notches on a resealable package ensure freshness and also imply easy opening for the customer. A design should not only offer easy access but also imply simplicity. A tear notch shows the consumer that the company thought of the delivery and use of the product.

Are you interested in designing a new pouch for your company’s products? Contact a packaging supplier to discuss the options above, and also take the opportunity to brainstorm other design possibilities.