The best ladder company will be the one that offers you the ladder that you need for the job or jobs that you intend to do with it. To the average Joe a ladder is a ladder is a ladder! But to a professional there is much to choose, and safety is an obvious top priority. Human error including using the wrong ladder leads to 175,000 accidents each year in the US.

Ladders for use at home will have a maximum weight allowance do not push this over the threshold. At home choose the ladder which is the right design and height for you to use easily yet safely. If anyone else wants to use the ladder ensure, in the politest way possible, that they are also within the limit. To avoid embarrassment, you could just buy a ladder with a 300lb limit.

So how do we choose the right ladders for the job, stepladders are best for tasks that are not far from the ground. Multi use ladders are fairly versatile, you can choose whether you want them to include a small storage space shelf depending on the jobs you are likely to be using them for. Be aware that any that are above seventeen feet may be difficult to manoeuvre alone they will be heavy and expensive. They do have their place but ensure that they are fit for purpose by considering these factors.

Extension ladders are for projects that are more than 17 feet from ground level, they should be fairly light weight and easy to set up. They will use up quite a lot of storage space so again ensure that you consider this with your purchase and chose them for appropriate jobs.

The next consideration is to make sure that you follow the instructions. Ensure that you set it up properly and put any safety catches in place before using the ladder. However sometimes the product isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Some injuries have been caused by badly designed ladders so ensure that you inspect your product before you buy.

Once you know what type of ladder you want you can then go on to consider what material you need them to be made3 of. Aluminum are the lightest but can conduct electricity. Some of the accidents reported involved aluminum ladders and power lines! It is important to remember that any ladder, when wet, can also conduct electricity.

So you need the right sized ladder for the task or tasks that you will use it for. An extension ladder should be three feet above the area that you are working on. You need to ensure they will support the weight that will be applied to them. The next consideration is that they may be an expensive buy and you therefore want them to be properly maintained. Water, oil or paint can damage your ladders and make them able to conduct electricity. You must therefore wipe them clean after every use. Ensure that hinges and bolts are not over tightened and still work efficiently.

Choose the right ladders, care for them and maintain them and you will get your money’s worth from them.