Three years ago my eldest son was looking at a range of colleges in which he would be studying performing arts. This was a really tough decision for us all to make as there were many wonderful options and my son talents had earned him the chance to have his pick of performing arts colleges. We spent weeks on this process and chopped and changed our minds numerous times. Eventually we decided that the best place for him would be the New York campus of AMDA, and it was the American Musical and Dramatic Academy reviews which eventually helped us to make our mind up. If you are split between a couple of options when looking for colleges, be they performing arts or otherwise, here is why looking at reviews could ultimately help you to make the decision, just like we did.

Two Sides

 What I liked about reading the college reviews is the range of opinions you get from both professors and staff members, as well as present and past students. If these reviews only came from one side then it may make you question the validity of them, but the fact that you can see abroad range of opinions from both sides of the classroom can really help you to gain an accurate insight into what life is actually like on campus. The reason why AMDA was so appealing to us was the fact that much of what the students said the professors concurred, and visa-versa. It is important to gain a full insight into a college and this is why reviews can be incredibly helpful.

Student Life

You can find out what a college offers in terms of education through online resources, you can also find out what kind of scores they get and what their reputation is like through online resources. What you cannot find out unless you look at reviews is what life is actually like for students on campus. The only way that you can scratch beneath the surface and find out the truth about college life is through reading the reviews which have been left, where people are talking about the actual experiences which they have had. In fact to indicate the importance of this, we found one college which I shan’t name, which had glowing results, a great reputation and on the face of it, looked like an amazing place to attend. once we read the reviews however it became apparent that many students didn’t enjoy their time at the college, some even hated it, which helped us to put that option on the scrap heap.

Ultimately reviews can give you an accurate and fascinating look at what college life is really like, not what the college want to tell you via their own website, but the truth behind the educational institutes. This is why we chose AMDA and I am sure that if you use this tool you can also make the right choice for your child.