There are two key problems for anyone who drives to work in downtown Boston, MA, the first is the heavy traffic which we see each day and the second is the poor options that are available for parking your car. After much trail and error I have found the very best in Boston, MA and that is Dock Square parking garage. You would think that owning and running a parking garage is not a difficult thing to do but there are so many garages around the area that just get it so wrong. If you have the same trouble, either here in Boston, MA or elsewhere, these are what Dock Square gets so right, and this is what you should expect from a parking garage.

Security For Your Vehicle

You would be greatly surprised at how many garages cannot guarantee the security of your car, a basic requirement for anyone who is looking to leave their car in a parking garage. Here in Boston, MA alone I have heard numerous reports from co-workers and from friends and family, about leaving their cars in garages and returning to find damage, break ins and in one situation, the car was gone altogether. Dock Square are not like this at all and they guarantee the security of your car whilst it is in their garage. The garage is fitted with CCTV and they regularly patrol to ensure maximum security.

Pricing Structure

Another issue which we have here in Boston is that many garages think that they can charge exorbitant fees for your custom, simply because there are no other options nearby. Dock Square don’t do this and even though they are the only garage in their vicinity, they still charge reasonable fees for leaving your car with them. As someone who uses the long stay option, I like that they reduce the cost per hour for us, and charge a little bit more for short stay parkers. What I really like is the recent loyalty scheme that they have introduced which means that on the tenth stay I have with them, they give me a 50% discount.


Space is absolutely key in a parking garage and there are far too many, at least here in Boston MA, who decide to try and cram in as many vehicles as they possibly can into their garage. The result of this is of course more difficult parking, the higher risk of damage, not to mention the fact that you end up getting blocked in frequently. At Dock Square they have larger spaces for larger vehicles and small spaces for little city cars like my own. There is always ample space here for parking and for opening your door, and this is something so simple which so many parking garages get so wrong.

If you are on the lookout for a new parking garage then these are the bare necessities which you need to look out for.