When people want to invest their money into this country but they are not from here themselves, they often have the same question. It is important that there is no singular answer to each of these questions as it often depends on which country they are from themselves. However, as an expert in international real estate investment, Gordon Tang aims to answer some of these questions at least in part.

Gordon Tang on International Real Estate Investment Questions

The first big question is how to invest in this country at all. The answer to that is that it all depends on the type of market and property that investors interested in. They should take the time to compare the same markets and properties in their own countries before determining that this country is actually better.

Secondly, they want to know how to purchase properties in this country. In the USA for instance, the contracts and methods used for property purchases tend to be quite unique. Compare this, for instance, to Italy, where there are no brokers and no agents. Rather, there is just a single person that lists and sells every property. This highlights just how different two countries can be.

Next, they want to look at the protection systems that are in place. Again, this depends entirely on the country in which they are. That being said comma there tends to be company paperwork, insurance policies, promissory notes, mortgages, and deeds. Each country tents to have protection systems, as well as rules and regulations, in place for all of those.

The fourth question is how key documents should be read. Again, this depends entirely on the different parts of paperwork that are being offered to. Naturally, there is also a language barrier at this point so a translation service is often required. It is very important that this is a legal translation service, as the documents themselves are legally binding.

Fifth, people want to know whether they can save on taxes. For the USA, it is possible to save significantly on taxes by investing in property. However, this does depend on the investors own country and it will require knowledge of the US tax system. The same is true for any other countries.

The final question is all about increasing return on investment. Naturally, nobody wants to invest in anything that doesn’t end up bringing more money in. Often, people hope that they will be able to make substantially larger returns by investing in the international market, not in the least because it means they are also using the forex market. At the same time, this is also precisely what makes it so volatile, and why it is so important to have an in-depth understanding of real estate, taxation law, and foreign exchange.

These six questions should shed some light on the things most investors want to know about. Unfortunately, the main answer tends to be “it depends”. Hence, it highlights the importance of conducting proper research.